Android Central's Question and Answer feature is here! (in beta)

You might have noticed the new Question & Answer feature we published in our forums last night. A lot of time and effort has been put into it, and we're extremely excited to formally introduce it to you ... right now.

Question & Answer ties directly into our forums, allowing power users an easy way to answer questions and provide expert advice. At the same time, newbies or guests now have a simple way to get answers to their questions, fast.

For those of you who know your way around the Android Central forums, creating a new question in the Q&A is easy. You can do it from most main device forums, by checking off the 'This is a Q&A thread' when you create a new thread (be sure to title your thread in the form of a question!).

Make sure you check off 'This is a Q&A thread'

Of course, you can also do the same via the "front door" of the Question & Answer section, found in the navigation across the top of Android Central. Just click here and enter your question in the 'Ask a Question' box (as seen below):

Ask a Question!

After you enter your question, add as much detail as you can and select the most appropriate category from our dropdown list. After you hit submit, our members, mods and ambassadors will review and answer, real quick.

Once we find an undisputed best answer, we mark them as such, and show best answers directly underneath the question for easy reference. For the time being only our moderators and admins can mark a 'best answer'.

Example of a 'Best Answer'

So that's the brand new Question & Answer feature! It's still in beta, and we will continue to add new features and enhancements as we go. I encourage you to get in there and give it a try right now... and don't be afraid to share your feedback with us (good or bad) right here.

You have questions, our community has the answers! Check it out!