Android 5.0 era

With a new phone, tablet and living room play — to say nothing of new hardware — Android ushers in its next generation

And with that we've just had a whole bunch of Android awesomeness dumped upon us. Android 5.0 Lollipop is officially official. New nickname, a pretty major bump in version number (for what that's worth), and ... more waiting to be done. A new SDK drops Oct. 17, as well as new preview images. But we've still got a ways to go before final production software hits any devices.

Then we've got the well-leaked Nexus 6 smartphone, and the new Nexus 9 tablet beside it — from first-time Nexus manufacturer Motorola, and the return of HTC! — and ... there's more waiting to be done. They'll go up for preorder Oct. 17, and be available in early November. There's a mix of familiar and new here, and the more important of the two devices might surprise you. But we also have a few questions that will need to be answered in time.

And finally there's the new Nexus Player. This one, like Chromecast before it, largely managed to avoid any pre-announcement leakage. We've been expecting something given that Android TV demo boxes have been floating around with developers since Google I/O, but what we saw announced today actually is a bit of a departure. And we've got questions about that as well.

Read on for a breakdown of the important parts of today's news, and what remains to be answered.