Android Platform versions

Jelly Bean pushes over the 60% mark while ICS dips

Google has just released its monthly report on active Android devices and their platform version number, and there's very little change here in the first month of 2014. For the seven days leading up to February 4th, Android 2.2 holds down the same 1.3 percent share of devices as last time, while 2.3 dipped to 20 percent from 21.1 percent and Honeycomb held strong at just 0.1 percent. That means "legacy" versions of Android now make up just 21.4 percent of these active device numbers.

Android 4.0 represents just 16.1 percent of devices now, down from 16.9 percent, and even Android 4.1 dipped to 35.5 percent from 35.9 percent last month. Android 4.2 and above are all on the rise, with 4.2 showing 16.3 percent, 4.3 just 8.9 percent and KitKat at a quite lonely 1.8 percent of devices.

Jelly Bean continues its dominance over the Android landscape at this point with a total of 60.7 percent of devices using the OS, and we don't expect that number to go down any time soon considering the relatively small amount of time that has passed since official launch of KitKat.

Source: Android Developers