Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Easter egg animation

Like ICS, Honeycomb and Gingerbread before it, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features a neat little "Easter egg" animation within the "About phone" and "About tablet" pages. On a Jelly Bean device like the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7, head to Settings > About phone and tap repeatedly on "Android version: 4.1" until you see the picture of the happy Jelly Bean guy filling the screen. Then long press on the middle of the screen, and you'll get a screen filled with more Jelly Beans, which you can fling around using your finger.

You'll also note the candy cane among the field of Jelly Beans. It doesn't always show up, but we've noticed it a couple of times already. We're not sure exactly why that's there, but it only seems to appear occasionally. (If you've got any wild theories, share 'em in the comments.)

Of course, all this stuff is still functionally useless, but it's a pretty cool visual treat regardless.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Future Android OS versions are determined by Klan members?
  • Maybe the next version of android is kandy kane all spelt with K's instead of c's.
  • Ahh, you beat me to it....
  • haha only by a few minutes though.
  • I was thinking that... but it sounds more like a stripper name than an OS version
  • LOL. +1
  • Maybe you'll be rushing to that Easter Egg in the Kandy Kane OS ;-)
  • You beat me to it!
  • We're talking about Google, not Midway.
  • +1 for the kandy kane.....or it could be key lime pie
  • +2, that was my first thought.
  • Maybe it signifies when something will occur...around the holidays?
  • I thought it was just something nice that they wanted Apple to stick up their iOS a$$... Putting the Candy in Candied apple.
  • Christmas before we see it from carriers on non-Nexii devices.
  • Or, they expect us to see it right around the time Android 12.2 Peppermint is released.
  • I don't think P will 12.2. Maybe around the 6 or 7. Since Google seems to go 2-3 at a time with this name business every time they they go X.0 or X.X.0.
  • yes true
  • My theory: Though the Nexus 7 will drop with Jelly Bean installed and the Galaxy Nexus will be getting JB soon around Christmas time is when we will be getting the 5-7 JB Nexus devices WSJ was talking about earlier.
  • My first thought was also a hint at the next version being called "Kandy Kane". I actually like it better than "Key Lime Pie", which has been the running guess.
  • I would be really disappointed if they name it Kandy Kane. The term is "candy cane" and I truly don't understand why places/businesses see the need to change spellings in things like this. S to Z is another one. It just gets under my skin. I've seen a daycare called Kidz Kare. Bleh. I can see the reason why you'd change the name from Care to Kare, because maybe you don't understand how alliteration works to begin with. The Z... no. Please. And all of that is negated by the fact that each word of "candy cane" starts with the same letter anyway! <breathe> </rant> tl;dr - I angrily hope not =P
  • I think that candy cane means, "Expect the 4th Generation Google Nexus Phone around the most wonderful time of the year." Remember that Galaxy Nexus was revealed October and released in November??? Either that or Google is gonna pull something out of it's a$$ around Christmas that will have something to do with Nexus Family. After all, they did hint that Nexus Q is he beginning of something big.
  • That background really reminds me of Darwinia
  • I want a different color jelly bean for each version, like 4.0, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1 (did I get them all?). Different flavors deserve different flavors, right?
  • This is a complete guide on how to view the animation on the Api screen. Check it out, and show support by liking, Thanks!!!