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Android 4.0.4 rolling out for the HTC Incredible S

It seems an age ago that HTC announced the Incredible S. It was. February 2011 to be precise at Mobile World Congress.

The phone may not have generated as much interest as the other devices that were also revealed but I for one loved the Incredible S. I even bought one. And now I wish I still had it as Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out.

The version is actually 4.0.4, so The Unwired are reporting and is available for the GSM variant. The Incredible S is the first upgradable device to receive this version of ICS.

It is so nice to see the manufactures still supporting older devices these days. I know that all eyes have been on Jelly Bean over the past couple of weeks but you must also remember that most consumers these days are taking a new phone with a 24 month contract. The updates may not come as soon as we would like them but at least they come.

Source: The Unwired

  • Quote from the article: "most consumers these days are taking a new phone with a 24 month contract...." Seriously? Who gets abrand-new smartphone these days without signing a 2-year contract?
    (in the US at least, unless you're buying a Nexus phone from Google directly) It just doesn't make financial sense to buy phones at full retail prices.
  • Have you heard of eBay?
  • It makes sense if signing a contract means losing your good plan and picking up something inferior and expensive.
  • I'm upgrading every year. I bought my HTC Legend in May 2010 with 24 months contract.
    After 12 months it was so I decided - no more 2y contracts...I sold it at mobilebulgaria.c0m and bought Sensation...which I will sell this month, will add some money and hello One X!
  • I do... Since my mom has a small business we moved our entire account over to AT&T Premier. The business line happens to be mine and because of that, I get a yearly upgrade at 2year subsidized prices. It's a pretty good deal.
  • Does this mean the DInc 2 update is on the way? Assuming VZW releases it...
  • There will be an update for the Dinc2 whether VZW releases it or not now that the Sensation got it.
  • GSM Galaxy Nexus and prepaid ftw! At the moment, I never plan on buying a contract phone ever again.
  • I would have gone that route, but after the Nexus S I learned I can't make due with only 16GB phones. If only they released a 32GB version direct
  • +1
  • I'm still waiting for sense 3.0 on my Dinc2. WTF VERIZON!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • QUOTE Author: "It is so nice to see the manufactures still supporting older devices these days." Not quite true. Too bad that HTC totally dropped the HTC Flyer from future updates past Honeycomb.
  • where the hell is the one x 4.0.4 update? still on 4.0.3..