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Android 2.4 caught on Xperia Arc, could be small Gingerbread update

Google barely got done launching Android 2.3 Gingerbread and already 2.4 is being caught on camera. Dutch tech site Tweakers got to play with an Xperia Arc and were surprised to find 2.4 listed as the software version. After some poking around on the device, they concluded that the update was likely a small update for Gingerbread in the vein of Android 2.0 and 2.1, both of which were named Eclair. The biggest feature seems to be an uncompleted Google Talk app that would allow video calling -- a feature Google is including in the tablet-centric Honeycomb. It seems they got a hand on a very early version of the OS so we likely won't hear much about 2.4 for some time. [Tweakers via Engadget]

  • My Story! Ya
  • Wtf... cant we go at least 4months w/o any updates... by feb 19th we will have android 9.3... but with our carriers lags who knows...
    But i already have gingerbread on my evo... so no complaints here...
  • How did u get gingerbread on ur evo?
  • Root and flash
  • How did u get gingerbread on ur evo?
  • Updates are great in all, however, this is ridiculous. Didn't Andy Rubin say that Honeycomb would be a tablet and phone OS?
  • Yes he did. I have no doubt there will be. Be patient.
  • So, this is probably in a very early stage of production then. Maybe a Q3 release date on this phone.