Android 101: How to share apps via the Android Market

When you find a great app in the Android Market, it's only natural to want to go ahead and share it with others. Luckily, the Android Market makes that a fairly easy process when combined with Androids built-in sharing options. The process:

  • Find the app you want to share in the Android Market
  • Tap on the share button, as denoted by the blue arrow in the image
  • Select to where and how you wish to share which, can be pretty much anything

There you have it, that's it. An easy and simple process for sharing apps with others directly from the Android Market. Keep in mind, sharing apps doesn't mean if you buy it and share it will be free for people you share with -- it's more suggesting and app to another user.

  • Of course you can do this if you have the most recent version of the market. Which leads me to a question. I still have old version on my Inspire, how do I get it updated?
  • Wow, that dark-blue-on-black sharing dialog is awful. What device was used for that screenshot?
  • The more approp. question would be which theme was it? But to answer your question it was a Desire HD using some MIUI theme I'm not really fond of, lol.
  • you can also you MyAppSharer to share the .apk file directly to those friends. Just a though :)
  • Which may deprive the developer of his income, and send your friend an .apk not intended for their particular device.
  • just listened to the pod-cast today and wanted to mention something
    the last question Phil dealt with was about sharing accounts with other devices but not sharing gmail (if i remember correctly it was a husband who didnt want his wife getting his gmail)and everyone was pretty certain it wasn't possible
    I'm almost certain that the new market allows multiple accounts which allows you to "share" your paid apps with another users device
    obviously it also means that they can use your google account to purchase apps but i don't think it gives any access to your gmail emails etc hope this helps