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Performing a factory data reset can be useful. Maybe you're going to sell your phone or send it back in for warranty work. It's simple to do. Here's how. Go to Settings. then Privacy, then Factory data reset. It will ask you to confirm that you really want to do it. After you confirm it there's no turning back. Once it's done it's done.

Where the Factory data reset button appears may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another. These instructions should work for a vanilla build of Android, such as the T-Mobile G2X, but you may have to investigate the settings a bit to find it on a phone with a manufacturer skin.  The rest of the process will be the same.

Also not that some phones (Motorola, particularly) also give you the option to wipe any extra internal storage as well as the storage card.

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Android 101: How to perform a factory data reset


I am looking for a way to transfer all my contacts from my sanyo zio phone to my acer aspire laptop before I do a reset so I can upload them again after the reset. Is that an option or am I swinging in the wind. The problem is that suddenly after over 3 years ( a little over 1 year with the zio, never had this problem with any of my other phones. my carrier is sprint, and I have been with them 8 years) at my current location my phone suddenly can not get a signal while I am in my apartment. I was told that a reset may fix that. But having 300 + contacts makes this something I do not want to do with out a way to make a transfer and reload.

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尿毒症应该做哪些检查什么是尿毒症?尿毒症症状、尿毒症早期症状是什么?尿毒症的原因是什么?肾炎,尿毒症能活多久?尿毒症能治好吗?尿毒症饮食注意什么?尿毒症治疗方法有哪些?这些都是患者际家属亲人最关心的问题。尿毒症检查  一、血液检查:  ①尿素氮、肌酐增高。  ②血红蛋白一般在80g/L以下,终末期可降至20-30g/L,可伴有血小板降低或白细胞偏高。  ③动脉血液气体,酸碱测定;晚期常有PH值下降、AB、SB及BE均降低,PaCO2呈代偿性降低。  ④血浆蛋白可正常或降低。⑤电解质测定可出现异常。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  二、尿液检查:  ①尿常规改变可因基础病因不同而有所差异,可有蛋白尿、红、白细胞或管型,也可以改变不明显。  ②尿比重多在1.018以下,尿毒症时固定在1.010~1.012之间,夜间尿量多于日间尿量。三、肾功能测定①肾小球滤过率、内生肌酐清除率降低。  ③酚红排泄试验及尿浓缩稀释试验均减退。  ④纯水清除率测定异常。  ⑤核素肾图,肾扫描及闪烁照相亦有助于了解肾功能。四、其它检查泌尿系X线平片或造影,肾穿刺活检,有助于病因诊断。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  诊断根据慢性肾脏病史,有关临床表现及尿、血生化检查,可确诊。  肾功能异常程度可根据肾小球滤过率(GFR)、血尿素氮(BUN)及血肌酐(cr)水平分为三期:干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  一、肾功能不全代偿期GFR介于50-70ml/min之间,血BuN>7.14>8.93mmol/L血Cr>132<177umol/L,临床上除有原发疾病表现外,尚无其它症状。  二、肾功能失代偿期或氮质血症期GFR<50ml/min,血BuN>8.93mmol/L,血Cr>177umol/L,有轻度乏力,食欲减退和不同程度贫血等症状。  三、尿毒症期有GFR<25ml/min,血BuN>21.42mmol/L,血Cr>442umol/L,已有明显尿毒症临床症状。如GFR<10ml/min,为尿毒症晚期;GFR<5ml/min,则为尿毒症终末期。慢性肾功能衰竭一旦确诊,应明确原发病因及恶化的诱因,以便采取有效的治疗措施。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。 干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。干细胞进入人体内可以自动寻找组织器官受损部位,进行修复,从根本上解决了病根,能治疗传统疗法认为是“不治之症”的疾病;因此采用干细胞治疗尿毒症从根本上解决这一“不治之症”。中美干细胞移植治疗中心主要从事干细胞治疗和再生医学的临床、科研和学术活动,积极开展多种难治性疾病,包括尿毒症等的医疗新技术、临床实验和推广应用,为干细胞新疗法开辟出一条新的途径。干细胞到达肾脏受损害的部位,修复受损的肾小单位,重生出肾脏所需的各类细胞,干细胞还可以保护残存的肾单位,阻止和逆转肾脏的纤维化,恢复肾脏的基本的功能,从根本上解决尿毒症的问题。干细胞、干细胞移植、造血干细胞、神经干细胞移植、干细胞治疗尿毒症、尿毒症干细胞移植。干细胞移植治疗中心:Q.Q:1186672936,电.话:132-6962-0545

尿毒症各期的症状什么是尿毒症?尿毒症症状、尿毒症早期症状是什么?尿毒症的原因是什么?肾炎,尿毒症能活多久?尿毒症能治好吗?尿毒症饮食注意什么?尿毒症治疗方法有哪些?这些都是患者际家属亲人最关心的问题。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  尿毒症是由慢性肾病病人病情不断恶化而致的。在这个发展过程中,病人将经历由慢性肾病发展成为肾功能衰竭、肾衰竭再发展为尿毒症这样一个进行性的进程。从病人进入尿毒症阶段后,初始症状及恶化后的症状在临床上的表现是不同的。干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。  早期尿毒症症状:  尿毒症前期出现的尿多、清如水反而是肾脏恶化的警讯,虽然肾脏病发病隐匿,无声无息地威胁着人体,但即使如此,大家仍不必过于担心,早期尿毒症并非没有任何蛛丝马迹,其症状可大致归类为以下几种:  1、轻微的疲倦、注意力不集中  2、肠胃不适、肠胃出血、恶心、呕吐  3、夜尿、多尿、尿清(颜色变淡)  4、贫血、脸色变得苍白  5、容易出血  6、全身骨头酸痛或腰酸背痛  7、月经不规则  8、性功能减退  9、抽筋  尿毒症的晚期症状:  如果说尿毒症早期症状隐匿,不容易被发现的话,那么进入尿毒症晚期阶段后,症状可谓迁延五脏六腑,极其严重且显而易见。此时患者的全身系统都会受累,出现心力衰竭、精神异常、昏迷等严重情况,危及生命。具有的临床表现有以下几点:干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。  1、水、电解质、酸碱失衡(脱水和水潴留;电解质紊乱;酸碱失调)  2、心血管系统损害(高血压;缺血性心脏病;尿毒症性心脏病;心包炎;心力衰竭;心率失调等)。  3、呼吸系统失调(胸腔积液;尿毒症肺;肺功能改变;肺部感染和肺钙化)  4、消化系统损害(消化道出血;胃肠病变)  5、血液系统损害(贫血、出血)  6、代谢及内分泌系统损害  7、骨、关节肌肉和皮肤病变  8、免疫系统  专家建议大家,若要及早发现尿毒症这个隐形的杀手,除了要更正“头痛医头、脚痛医脚”这个观念外,更应养成定期健康检查的好习惯,抽个血、验个尿,就可以摆脱这个隐形杀手所带来的潜藏危机了。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。 干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。干细胞进入人体内可以自动寻找组织器官受损部位,进行修复,从根本上解决了病根,能治疗传统疗法认为是“不治之症”的疾病;因此采用干细胞治疗尿毒症从根本上解决这一“不治之症”。中美干细胞移植治疗中心主要从事干细胞治疗和再生医学的临床、科研和学术活动,积极开展多种难治性疾病,包括尿毒症等的医疗新技术、临床实验和推广应用,为干细胞新疗法开辟出一条新的途径。干细胞到达肾脏受损害的部位,修复受损的肾小单位,重生出肾脏所需的各类细胞,干细胞还可以保护残存的肾单位,阻止和逆转肾脏的纤维化,恢复肾脏的基本的功能,从根本上解决尿毒症的问题。干细胞、干细胞移植、造血干细胞、神经干细胞移植、干细胞治疗尿毒症、尿毒症干细胞移植。干细胞移植治疗中心:Q.Q:1186672936,电.话:132-6962-0545

尼古丁很可能抗帕金森病  至于谈到吸烟究竟是如何防止帕金森病的问题,西雅图华盛顿大学的哈维(Harvey Checkoway)说:“尼古丁很可能是个中原因。”干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  华盛顿D.C霍华德大学医学院的罗伯特(Robert L. Copeland Jr.)同意上述观点。他指出,他实验室和其他单位的研究显示,尼古丁保护产生多巴胺的神经元,而多巴胺是大脑中关键的信号分子。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  当失去70%~80%能生成多巴胺的神经元时,病人就会开始出现帕金森病的震颤性麻痹症状。一些小型的研究曾试验给已经患病的人用尼古丁替代剂和尼古丁口香糖来缓解帕金森病症状,奎克解释说,但是到这种时候,再使用尼古丁已经太迟了。因此这种实验的结果都是不明确的。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  烟草烟雾中有4000多种化学污染物,其中任何一种物质单独作用或者与尼古丁合起来都有可能具有抗帕金森病的作用。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  一些怀疑者则认为,后来患上帕金森病的人之所以有不吸烟或戒烟行为,是因为他们具有“病前人格特性”——即,是因为他们要患上帕金森病才有不吸烟或者戒烟的行为。丽兹的结论是:最终,只有靠随机干涉实验才能确认烟草中究竟是什么成分对神经真正有保护作用,只有这样,才能否定那种原发性帕金森病患者在发病前已存在“病前人格特性”的说法。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  有趣的是,研究人员在白种人和亚洲人身上观察到吸烟与降低帕金森病的风险存在显著相关,但是在西班牙裔和非洲裔美国人身上却没有发现这种作用,研究人员认为这也许是因为遗传特征和环境的交互作用,导致在西班牙裔和非洲裔美国人的组中,有很多帕金森病病例没有得到确诊。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。  此外,性别和教育程度等因素与吸烟降低帕金森病风险无关。研究人员还发现,咀嚼烟叶也有防止帕金森病的作用。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。干细胞治疗帕金森病是医学重大突破。   干细胞治疗帕金森病,干细胞具有多次反复分裂和自我复制能力,能够在各种机体组织内分化成细胞。干细胞具有再生各种组织器官和人体的潜在功能,帕金森病是位于中脑部位的黑质细胞发生病变,使得不能正常合成多巴胺神经递质,从而产生不能控制性的抖动现象。干细胞分化成人身体中所需细胞,从而修复和替代病变细胞,形成正常的工作细胞。能够正常工作的神经系统是可以控制身体部位的活动的。中美干细胞移植治疗中心主要从事干细胞治疗和再生医学的临床、科研和学术活动,积极开展多种难治性疾病,包括帕金森病等的医疗新技术、临床实验和推广应用,为干细胞新疗法开辟出一条新的途径。干细胞到达大脑受损害的部位,修复受损的黑质细胞,正常合成多巴胺神经递质,从根本上解决帕金森病的问题。干细胞、干细胞移植、造血干细胞、神经干细胞移植、干细胞治疗帕金森病、帕金森病干细胞移植。干细胞移植治疗中心:Q.Q:1186672936,电.话:132-6962-0545

  食品安全亮新招 带“防伪标志”羊肉现身济南       塑化剂、地沟油风波还未过去,勾兑饮料、勾兑骨汤又相继浮出水面,紧接着“毒雪燕”风波又闯进人们视野……近期,食品安全问题频发,让市民对于“下馆子吃饭”开始心存芥蒂,倍诺。面对这些,餐饮商家们也开始打起健康牌来吸引消费者。近日,有火锅店商家在一片片羊肉身上贴了“防伪标志”,称100%内蒙古草原纯羊肉,吸引不少市民前去尝鲜。   据了解,为了让顾客吃得更放心,店里的锅底会让顾客自己动手参与,锅里就放几片葱、姜还有枸杞,端上桌,顾客可以自己往锅里加准备好的矿泉水。“这种做法很多顾客都说新鲜,看着自己亲手制作的锅底,涮着贴着‘防伪标志’的羊肉,不仅吃起来美味地道,这心里也踏实很多。”

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I agree these are useful. This one I knew -- what I still don't know is there an easy way to make sure you get all your apps back -- all your accounts setup again, etc., etc., etc.

I've heard some many people say their phones act like new (performance wise) after doing this. But I must say, having to reconfigure all my accounts, apps, settings, etc. is what is keeping me from doing it.

You've hit the nail on the head! THIS, and EXACTLY THIS is the article that we need. Almost ANYONE can stumble upon how to reset the thing. It's knowing what the consequences are and how to deal with them that we REALLY want to know here.

Hi Phil , Great tip
I have one question though ,
Can I use the "Back\Restore" function to transfer my App setting (i.e. Launcher setting\configuration) from one phone to anther ?

Ok for some reason my updated stock Tbolt does NOT have this option under privacy at all. It's just not there but I have reset this phone before.

The footer below locked up my browser so bad, I forgot what I was going to post here......

Oh yah, I remember now; while these 101 posts are somewhat useful, many, many users would be much better off to RTFM of their own device!!!!

On my phone, I have deleted several system apps so whenever I try to reset it it just reboots. Is there any way around this? I know I could simply flash the original rom but I cant do that on my phone

I like the how to guides. In fact, I'd suggest archiving them into a section so they're easy to find on the site.

I thought the post was useful. I'm a fairly intermediate user (rooted phone but stock ROM), but I had no idea how to perform a factory data reset. I've never had any reason to do it.

So thanks for the information.

First of all @Phil, please continue with these simple how-to's!

Secondly, as a follow-up question, how are apps loaded through the Market and/or Amazon AppStore AFTER the reset? Do you need to write down all of your apps before the reset to re-download them again individually after the reset? Or does the Market remember all of your apps and allow you to re-download them automatically?

Also, is there a way to save text messages to your SD card so you don't lose them on a reset? Any other concerns before doing a reset?


Correct me if I am wrong, but purchased apps will show up in both Marketplaces under your My Apps section. To get free apps back on your phone you want to use and app like Appbrain app to make a list of all of your apps BEFORE you wipe the phone. Then go out and re-add the appbrain app to your phone AFTER the wipe. Then you can simply go to the list you made and re-download the apps and sync them back to your phone. t is still a lengthy process but it is better than trying to remember or write down all those apps.

So, here's something that I have yet to figure out. Even after a full reset in Android, then even from the bootloader, the original user's phone number and info is in the about phone identity section. Is there a way to clear that out?

I find them useful as well. I skip over many of them, but there is sometimes one that enlightens me. Some people are so damn picky and think that they are the only ones in the world who matter. There are people in the world that are new to Android and greatly appreciate someone taking the time to post stuff like this...NOW ON TOPIC...

For this one I would only add that it is helpful to use an app (such as the appbrain app) so that you can sync all of your apps back to the phone after the wipe. The only negative thing (that I can think of) about this is that you run the risk of adding an app back to your phone that may be the culprit...and the reason you had to do a reset in the first place.

@Chaos5: How, exactly, do you think stories get into Google?

@Brutalsnowman: It's all of three paragraphs long. I think most people can follow it.

Everybody else: If you don't want to read these posts, don't.

@Phil I'm sure most can but whats the harm in making sure all can?
Love the podcast and agree the 101's need to be written. Just trying to give constructive criticism (something you don't see very often on the 101 posts)

@Phil el oh el If I wanted to flame more, you just added fuel to the fire. I also changed my original post for you :)

I was in a way stating that the only ones who write the meaningful articles are you Phil and Jerry.

Also no reason to rage on Brutalsnowwoman. Me on the other hand I can see maybe to respond in an angered way, but still really? And why not Bblande?

maybe you should do a 101 on taking constructive criticism? brutal wasnt being a douche...if you're going to make a how-to article, make a how to article...start from the beginning...

i agree that if there had been these 101s when i first entered the android world, i wouldnt have made the mistakes i did, but there are people that are slightly inept at anything tech-wise...what if they do not know how to get into the settings where these things are found...

I know these have to be written... but if you are going to write them write them! Needs to start with From the home screen press menu, or from the app tray go to settings. There is a settings in quite a few apps. If this is a 101 make it a 101.

Also I vote to have the actual "How to" separated from the writing, so people reading this to learn can find the needed info quickly.

You guys do understand that with >400,000 activations a day, there are people who don't already know everything ever asked about an Android phone, like you both claim to, right?

How else do you think walkthroughs like this find their way into search engines? By magic? LOL.

Edit: Sorry, I see Phil already explained that below. And also that Chaos5 edited his post to remove his foot from his mouth.

To put in your butt. I know how many activations go on because I sell phones myself hoss.

My Google comment was made because there are other numerous results when you search that. So posts have already been made about it, this just creates more hit/search results for AC which I'm not opposed to, great site!