Google Sync By now your Google account is probably linked to just about every Google product available, and having them all sync to your device can be quite a strain on your battery. Often times users don't even realize that most of these items are syncing automatically in the background, but luckily controlling what gets synced is quite simple. By turning off things that you don't need syncing users can enhance the performance of their battery because the device is not consistently checking for things to change and update. Whether you wish to sync emails, contacts, calendars, Google +, Google Music, or any other Google service, complete control can be had by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to Settings then Accounts and Sync
  2. Click on the account you wish to manage
  3. Check and un-check the options you want to change
  4. Back out to save your changes

With just a few clicks you are able to have complete control at any time, making it extremely easy for users to change their minds of what can sync at any time.