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Android Market filter

Here's one that's pretty easy to skip over. When you search the Android Market from a web browser, did you know you can filter the results? Starting from the left in the image above, you can choose to filter by apps, books kor movies. Then there's by price (free or  paid), safe search (off, low, moderate or strict), device compatability, or relevance/popularity. It's a nice little way to help get better search results.

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Android 101: How to filter your web market search


They need a filter setting for developers/publishers. That way, I can add the idiots that keep churning out crapware and never have to see their 800 apps that do the same thing just skinned different.

The Market needs a filter for Newest Apps No sponsored or featured apps included. I hate looking at the same old titles when looking for a new app. If someone posts a new app it doesn't stand a chance of being seen for all of the junk that you have seen over and over again!

We need a search that only returns relevant Apps. Not hundreds of apps that have nothing to do with the search word or name but are featured Apps. It is so unfair to the new app developer and the person doing a search!

There is an option to search for newer Apps but it is filled with featured apps, some of which are years old!

Google, a company BUILT on search engines, has a terribly weak search function in Market. It is most disappointing. What few filters they have STILL gives you no option for sorting. And no filters for release dates or updates, type of app (HD vs. phone size), size of app, etc.

They can and should do better.

It's at I like AppBrain too, check it out online. They seem to have the same market apps for a little less $$$.