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Hey, we don't judge. From time to time you might "accidentally" visit a website your wife would leave you over you didn't mean to visit and get caught sneaking a peek see something you didn't want to see. It happens.

So how do you remove all traces of your traipse through the seedy side of the Internet? Just duck into the browser's settings (and this should be fairly standard on third-party browsers as well). In the stock Android browser you'll see options to clear the cache (that's images and other content that's been saved to your phone), history (where you've been), form data (what you search for and entered), passwords and location access (where you might have physically been). You might also have options for saving any or all of this info in the first place.

So you've covered your tracks and wiped your hands clean. Let's try to keep it that way, m'kay?

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Android 101: How to clear your browser info


skyfire borswer.. long press the back key to exit. check the box "clear session history" allows you to clear the times you 'sneak a peek' but you can keep all the times you didn't making it less obvious that you 'took that peek'

Not quite so simple. Webpages store your search terms on their servers whether you want them to or not.

You'll also have to clear: Youtube's app and webpage history, Google's search widget, Google's mobile webpage search box, which retains separate histories for search, image search, and video search (you'll have to visit each site to clear the history). You may have to repeat this process several times as the clear button just clears that page of search history terms, there may be multiple pages.

Finally, the most important part is to quickly re-visit a half dozen or so innocent websites so that your history isn't empty.

One that you'll still need to have an excuse ready for is the recommendations that Youtube provides in its app based on terms you've searched. I haven't figured out a way to clear that yet.

I don't know what you mean when you say I might have been on a web site I don't want my wife to know about.. I would never do something like that.. That would new degrading to women.. LOL