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Rather have a 24-hour clock instead of a 12-hour clock? Or have the day appear before the month? Changing time and date options are very easy, and can be done on the fly. By default these options are set to be 12 hours and a MM/DD/YYYY style, and the time is set automatically by your carrier. To take complete control of these settings simply launch your settings, then scroll down to Date & Time settings. Unchecking the automatic will give you the option to manually change the date, timezone and actual time, along with the option to use 24 hour time and selecting the date formatting. 

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Android 101: How to adjust the time and date


Are there a lot of people who can't figure this out?

Aren't those folks pretty much taken care of by the clerk at point of sale time?

If someone needs help on something so basic do you even want them knowing there is such a thing as "settings" on their phone?

Here's one for you: How do you keep the times on your calendar the same (let's say Eastern Time) when you change time zones?

Has anyone else had their clock change times randomly? I have my Sprint EVO 4G set to use network-provided values, but on a few occasions, it has jumped anywhere from 1 to 8 hours ahead. I have to uncheck "Automatic" and re-check it, and then it returns to my correct time.

Is the Evo capable of getting time info from WIFI? Maybe you wander into a wifi network that is not syncing with any public clocks.


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纳正东被转到ICU病房。 李潇在手术中。   7月13日上午8时,宁夏吴忠市人民医院门诊部4楼,手术室大门紧闭,偶见护士手拿血浆袋急匆匆出入。“从凌晨到现在,已经输了6000多毫升的血,还没有脱离生命危险!”守候在手术室外的民警一脸凝重……7月12日晚11时许,回吴忠过暑假的大学生李潇和好友纳正东路遇俩抢劫孕妇的歹徒,两人挺身而出。在追擒和搏斗过程中,李潇被歹徒连捅13刀,纳正东身中4刀。即便在生命垂危的千钧时刻,俩人同时选择了先追歹徒,直至协助警方将其抓获。   13日上午8时30分,记者在ICU重症监护室看到了处在半昏迷状态的纳正东。“他的伤势相对还算轻,他和李潇醒来后在意识模糊之中仍关注‘追歹徒’,说的第一句话都是‘人抓到了吗?’真是两个好小伙子。”值班医生说,纳正东被送到医院接受抢救时,他请求医生先救自己的朋友李潇,说李潇伤得比他重。   中午12时多,李潇被推出手术室,但仍处于昏迷状态。“他被送来时,腹部、胸左侧肩胛处、四肢多处被刺伤,全身是血,处于早期失血性休克状态,病情危重。”主治医师范大夫说,13日凌晨2时至中午12时,医院先后为李潇进行了剖腹探查和开胸探查两次手术,还专门从宁夏医科大学总医院请来胸外科著名专家主刀。最后一次手术中,因治疗需要,李潇的肺被切除了六分之一。据了解,李潇从入院至手术结束,输血量达1万毫升,相当于将全身血液换了两遍。   在民警的带领下,记者看到,李潇见义勇为当晚穿过的灰白色牛仔裤和黄色的腰带,均已被鲜血浸透,右裤管外侧、膝盖处均已被利刃割破;两人曾乘坐过的警车座位上,暗红的血迹一片连着一片,脚垫上、车身上,血迹触目皆是!   7月12日晚11时许,怀有8个月身孕的新百联超吴忠分店员工王芳与同事金玉萍回家,行至吴忠市利通区金星路移动公司营业大厅门口时,突遭抢劫。这一幕被刚好路过此地的李潇和纳正东看到,两人不假思索拔腿便追。歹徒沿裕民东街一路向西逃跑,李潇、纳正东紧追其后,追行800多米至义乌商贸城南门口时,两人拦住了歹徒的去路。穷凶极恶的歹徒见无路可逃,拔出了随身携带的匕首。李潇和纳正东没有被吓倒,而是勇敢地向歹徒扑去。在近20分钟的生死搏斗中,李潇背部、胸部、腹部等被捅13刀,纳正东身中4刀,鲜血顺着衣角、裤管流下……眼见歹徒越跑越远,生命垂危的李潇和纳正东挣扎着拦下一辆出租车,告诉司机师傅:“那两人是抢劫的,赶紧追他们。”    “我们巡逻到市医院第二门诊部时,对面开过来一辆出租车,车上的人使劲向我们招手,还喊着抓强盗。”吴忠市公安局利通区分局交巡警大队二警区民警王永刚说,巡逻车遇到李潇和纳正东时,两人身上全是血,李潇的伤口还汩汩地往出冒血,奄奄一息。民警立即将李潇、纳正东转移到警车上,欲送往医院。“上车后,他们说的第一句话,不是去医院,而是‘先追歹徒!’”王永刚说。在出租车司机马师傅的带领和李潇、纳正东的指认下,民警不到五分钟将两名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。   目前,李潇、纳正东各项生命体征相对稳定。两人的英雄事迹引起了自治区、吴忠市各级领导的高度重视。案发后,吴忠市市委书记白雪山、市长吴玉才等纷纷赶到医院,再三嘱咐:“要运用最好的医疗手段,请最好的医生,不惜一切代价全力以赴抢救英雄!”吴忠市和利通区分别向李潇、纳正东家属送上了4万元慰问金。   经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人尹建学(男,24岁)、禹卫东(男,18岁)对实施抢劫并持刀故意伤害李潇、纳正东的犯罪事实供认不讳。目前,案件正在进一步审理之中。   李潇,男,21岁,家住利通区,men's jewelry fashion,现为江西渝州科技学院大一学生。纳正东,男,22岁,家住利通区。李潇和纳正东均为回族,据纳正东母亲介绍,两人从小到大就是十分要好的朋友。   “孩子做这样的事,我并不意外。”李潇的母亲马小燕说,李潇从小就懂事,见不得别人有困难,在外面做了好事回家后从不跟父母说。“孩子去年考上大学,上学路过湖南长沙,还献过血。”马小燕说,7月8日,李潇从学校回到吴忠后还去献过一次血。“他高中在灵武上的,高二时参加高考就考上了大学,当时家里没钱,没让走,娃为这还生了一场病,designer clutch bags,但从没怪过我们。”李潇的父亲说,去年,李潇一边给别人修电脑、做程序挣钱一边上学,考上大学后,有一半学费都是自己打工挣来的。由于平日里李潇爱戴一顶鸭舌帽、留一点小胡子,爱说爱笑,乐于助人,邻居亲友们都亲切地称他“阿宝”。(记者 马晓芳)   来源:《宁夏日报》 欢迎发表评论我要评论 微博推荐 | 今日微博热点

In Europe, easel painting, religion and business should demand rise. Medieval parchment paintings and wood can be described on the holy shrine early painting easel painting. 15th century painting in oil paint on the shelf to be widely used, resulting in a painting easel. Netherlands at that time (referring to the current Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and northeastern France) drawn on parchment and unique pieces of fine art wood painting has been quite popular. Stretched canvas mounted on wooden frame for painting is the rise of 16th-century Venetian school of painting after the extensive use of. Early use of the canvas is canvas, after only a linen cloth. In Italy and other countries, Saints tight wood frame that is carrying on linen painting of religious subjects in religious activities.Oil on canvas in the performance capabilities and color layer flexible, permanent preservation areas are more than watercolor, egg glue painting,paintings, frescoes, and toner strokes.Technically speaking, the superiority of painting as follows:Plasticity of the paste with oil paint to the painter brought a flexible, extensive free painting space. And in addition to the brush, the artist can paint scrapers and other tools. Artist all at the same screen, within the co-existence of transparent and opaque effects.Slow drying oil paint, painter can be repeatedly altered images, and can color directly on the screen, transported color.Painting bright colors, which will help characterize the texture images to fully express the complex tonal gradation images with a transparent, vigorous and rich superior results.Available in different color toner control drying time, the use of color layer thickness can be compared, rich strokes of changes in the texture of the screen, or in a surface texture painting, or particulate matter in the pigments in the performance characteristics of the object increases.Oil paint has a strong hiding power and plasticity. Can once completed, can also be multi-layer cover, the color layer will not fall off. Oil dry solid durable, bright colors, paint during the drying process has not changed.Can draw a large oil on canvas, easy to transport, easy decoration, easy collection, easy to save, easy to clean.

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horizon a man named Tong Gu brother's friends had to write: There are too many frustrated in life, too much frustration, too many chores and disputes, but not too concerned about, no one is smooth, smiling mouth always open, a genius such as Leslie Cheung, also suffering years in the face of adversity, really recognized by the mainstream music scene, of course, not to others approved for the latter half of the Leslie is not important, because as long as real people and understand their own , share the joy and pain, why it must be renowned the world over, Ya sub-period, the bosom friend is hard to find, as long as the heart, ru, why should they care about contacts are STOMATOLOGY it, sad man, can ease, because we have music because we have Leslie ... ...
classic brother did a lot of good songs, in addition to the above I recommend the Richard Lam written many hit songs fast songs to his brother, but my personal preference is more slow songs he wrote to his brother, for example, Emotional lyrics really make people warm and moving, such as: If I can have hope to live once more, and then can be reunited with you on the road were to write his life sentence. For example: I want him to have a life of Health and warmth. For example: nothing to you, but to Que with this song, thank you for wind and rain, and all the rebate would like to accompany me. Really envy those who wrote the lyrics, and a life of so many people's emotional experience, or how everyone thinks is written yourself? This song is very smooth sounding melody, really can be described linger three days, two recent cover singers perform their own unique flavor, one is a veteran of Liu Xin, such as a new singer thuringiensis, are full of flavor, but many people still like her brother's version, no way, he has become the heart of eternity.

song: rate lowered his eyes the light Looking back on this period of life saw many changes in the day today, even if you are also an Italian with my peers
was frustrated in my days of doubt why it raw but you drove me to take up the courage to face life dark
if I can have hope to live once more and then be reunited with you in the journey of a lifetime to write sentences
if I can re-live a thousand times more than before I hope you still have the life I want the warmth of his students
nothing to you but to thank you with this wind and rain in the song Que reclaim willing to accompany me say goodbye to all of you today
but to live with I love the fire in your heart, like with separately through

Luo was a miracle of Chinese music, he contributed a number of classic, really impressed me. Although he frequently appeared on stage posturing is not cold, but still admire his unique musical talent. Love Song series is the classic of classics. Stack of lyrics in the use of the word is quite a unique place and, like most inside the phrase: perhaps tomorrow the sun sets and Juanniao has been owned, you will have set foot on the old way back, a rare friend to find a partner again, life after all Unforgettable blue clouds day. Singing to each sentence, I feel absolutely cheerful heart, wisdom and open-minded people feel it. Relatively To be honest, every time I hear this series I will think of the following passage, now turn it to the collection together:

concert inexplicably sometimes because some people think, something, think of those who have good but fragmented memories, if vivid, it seems a very distant thing, perhaps just because a word , an expression, or even just a moment, it brought back the long-silent chord, easy to promote the memories of the abyss of their own, despite the thoughts stay in the air. Friends will cherish the experience of the past now have, no matter how the last time, now I want to always have the friendship, time will change everything but can not change my feeling, maybe you will never remember me, in fact, it is also a kind of eternal ......
Wuliu Liu's black eyes and your smile is difficult to forget how your face changes in the old days on the floating away so hastily turned back to look at a few years when
Cang Road, the vast horizon of the rover is that you are searching Zhang Xiangshou dark solitary footsteps of my pillow is your gentle wake up in the morning is my sadness
Perhaps tomorrow the sun sets and Juanniao go when you already have set foot on the way home a rare old friend once again looking for life partner after all regret and blue clouds day
thunderstorm rumbling sound in my window is difficult to forget how the changes you go after the lonely solitude of a single figure without feeling resentment is always my eyes
Perhaps tomorrow the sun sets and Juanniao go when you already have set foot on the way home a rare old friend once again looking for life partner after all regret and blue clouds day
thunderstorm rumbling sound in my window is difficult to forget how the changes you go after the lonely solitude of a single figure without feeling resentment is always my eyes

you once told me that you love me forever love this stuff but never what I understand
girl you do not cry we were still together today, tomorrow will be the joy of traumatic memories
... you ...
Dear Mo say what you and I can never abandon the separation can not forget what
Now you say you have the courage to just windy spring autumn spring autumn rain go away how much the wind eachother
you do not belong to me I do not have a girl you do not have possession of the world right perhaps we broke up
so do not go back without at least some of the beautiful woven excuse to separate you and me tomorrow

, his unique voice people heard it did not forget, along with some classic to have occupied the minds of people love music. This song is also a good sound Hacken Lee Hong Kong, Guangdong adapted version of the is also very good, but unfortunately there was only a good voice Hacken Lee, not popular, just change over now, and this troubled world, huh, huh.

never afraid to lose a close look at you I'm afraid this is not my own though you only asked me to look but can not escape
just want to quietly pay to attract you in the end the truth from the dash while you never blame deeply I still care about their own
not I do not care just is not hard to resist the truth because I can not prepare their own deliberate intention of
want to tell you I feel you are not my only though you say you do not care how I can forgive myself

Xiongtian Ping's always sincere and reveals a melancholy song, clear voice is a penetrating, have stormed the inner rays. From the early the spread of so artistic and perfect unity.
his songs with a sad feeling, and his creative process is even more moving. Not to be optimistic from the beginning to a hit, but just as he had just one foot into the door to success, when the most support of his understanding of his music the most because of car accident death of a cousin. So he opened the first concert, when crying. I remember in the impressed me most was his sound plus a guitar, I always like the music, clean and pure, I have always liked this song, brilliant, but unfortunately, when the world get people out to see people disappear for a long time turned out to be a fat middle-aged man image of a surprisingly . The mellowness of the image and voice will be forever engraved in the depths of memory.
wonderful: a male singer and the tone should be away from each other, at once so that the listener will have a space of inspiration. I have heard many versions of Sentimental, calm, depression is characterized by three versions. Be said to be different. And Korea is a game where Barbara to sing, much less be able to move people up. Chin's most recent look at several successive scene, his face sallow, dry sound, really sorry for him. In fact, there is the sound of puberty. And Mindy, and Tu Reaching the version on the general.
ps: come in several cities and found that both cities still have a small city called
singer: Xiong Tianping is moored pier take me full of it catches you and I embrace the original is lost
in love I am burning my boat dock fear beating in the darkness when you miss me Fenxin waiting for negligence
days I can not go back it is willing to help me where you are and who you are drifting together for the horizon and I want you to save the dream
days I can not go back how long you want to hurt me is how much I love how stupid you are I will not abandon you to the lonely walk
(before journeying to stick to this Fisherman's Wharf)
This is a high rate of demand in the ktv songs, superb singing Chinese songs are classic. Small eyes, tiny little man singer Lui Fong Hong Kong should also be a music of the legendary figure. If this look in his appearance in today's entertainment is certainly a dead end Mainland. Fortunately, he has his own horses, on behalf of his own music, he has his confidante Carol Cheng. After a while, then this. But if Lui Fong has always insisted on singing Chinese music CD's may be less a friendship song Song of the Month. Taiwan's famous words, Chen Yue Lui Fong setting body for the degree of integration to do the Singing songs about friendship in the track which, in addition to Emil and Allen outside of this song is sad and soulful. If the school or at a friend's farewell reception will be tears of interpretation of this song, I really have to sing this song when I met over half of the choking scene, showing the music scene. Especially inside the impression mainland singer Wei-jia is the most successful cover of one of her female voice belongs to the type of vigorous and long-lasting, very resistant to listen. Wei-jia of is China's good music, but unfortunately has not met her best and most understanding person, so she now also reduced in the corner no one pay attention, a great pity.

window allows you to have a look at the fast-paced world had not despair as Meng Yichang
Some people laugh Some people cry lose some seasoned outcome was not the same as
there a love you do not allow accumulation of these years the number of injured
on what your intimate look sober can not afford what the pain would not go forward looking back
friends do not cry I am still the ultimate goal of a friend Do not cry your heart to believe in their own way
Red there are too many silly chase your loss I have bitter feelings
friends do not cry I have been friends in your deepest soul with you I do not cry alone
crowd in a rare few true friends you do not care about this situation
Jeff Chang's classic is a lot of good songs, personal favorite is only reluctantly must sell. In addition, he's Contains Some people have described: If stopped by a street person who is not a philosophy to be a fan of the investigation, ask what songs they are familiar with aci, likelihood is that the song Jonathan Lee, the song is tailored specifically for the aci, In my heart you will always be so beautiful Some people have words to describe his music: lightly touched the piano keys, he described the shallow low-Yin, a touch of sadness nostalgia, gradually, sounded faint references to music, depression, tell their, sad ... With his rising tone, the bow string contact with more and more rapidly, fingertip force on the keys of knockout heartache, tell their boosting him, that once the grief ... this, layer by layer up to evoke a gorgeous sad emotions, I can not but deeply addicted to them, long time, not Huiguo Shen. People who write this text is really hard to listen to see the singer's interpretation, if so, then as a listener not also a blessing it. The most gratifying is that Singapore's singer Cai Chun Jia re-interpretation, changing the original lyrical rhythm, blues jazz very nice. But her popularity is entirely due to the recent cover of the French song , also on the CCTV Mid-Autumn evening. Of course this is something the. There Pan Yueyun, Dikeniuzi, Andy Lau cover over, that this song in the music circles of popularity. Worthwhile to say there are boiled composer Li Hui is also a genius, man handsome and can sing and write, it is unique in the world.

Artist: Jeff Chang, the song: do not ask you why the tears there who do not care about your heart, let me give you comfort
whether the outcome is a tragedy through thousands of miles in my heart you will always be so beautiful
not regret having loved now love the more bitter regrets I am willing to back
my Airuchaoshui will you push me to closely follow Airuchaoshui she will surround you and me
want to see you I never got drunk in the middle of the night you do not want to experience the charm of other men in the know this will make you break my heart
promise me that you are not from hanging around late at night Do not try to indulge the taste you know it makes my heart

That is a Tsui Hark film, This is what I heard the most masculine arena taste of songs, rivers and lakes in the ups and downs and scores Melancholy do now in this song.
yellow Sam Rowan Luo Richie Dikeniuzi all have sung, but the favorite is James Wong Luo and Sam's movie version. One of them is Sam version: the movie . Another is his Uncle James Tsui Hark Luo three choral version, this version is a few of them, , sing the charming, fun to listen to people, feeling sing hillsides are male hormones, friendship, masculinity, love arena, revenge, and so on and so forth. Other songs also convey some desolate Kongkuo and lofty, is the introduction of reverie.
privately I also like End of the World 沧海一声笑, the surging wave of the two sides, drifting with the waves, only remember the present. Although there have Richie who cover over, plus a lot of bells and whistles, but I always believed that the promise version of the and free and easy heroic, the essence of the show won the Linghu, more importantly, the song closely with the film's rhythm, often at critical moments, it will be exciting melodies played quietly, like undercurrents, such as cavalry prominent How can people whom blood boil. The real problem can be seen through the years of classic, timeless. The song is not a yellow one thousand eight hundred, and like his word, with him, I do not know many Chinese literature professor who will not be ashamed of it, but he died before he left only to the world to nostalgia . I think carefully, the only way the lyrics to this other man worthy of Linghu, open-minded young pregnant suave romantic, Di Mei smile sword meaning cold. CD indulge Changyi, public and nothing

cross the sea surging wave of laughter drifting with the waves recorded at the present
Heaven laugh after another wave of the world who bear the day to know who wins
Amidst the laughter country away Tao faded away Red secular Know
breeze actually provoke laughter pride left in the solitude of a lapel night photos
common people laugh is no longer lonely pride still journeying smile
la la ... ... ... ... ... ...

on Suri, the music in the history of Taiwan definitely move to leave behind a black woman, although the voice now has some 'old-fashioned passage of the forgotten, the opposite is timeless, more and more mellow. Her can not be dusty.
Suri's End of the World famous music writers' love of people, Jie Ao refractory Suri, who shouted themselves hoarse cry suddenly have disappeared, replaced by a detachment of peace and calm in the soothing melodies sounds to you on the road to a U.S. text, which is a calm after years of purification of the slow, reminds me of Kundera said, shooting, according to the song this song music mtv also icing on the cake, so that did not listen to pop music of the old man once in love with this song, warm lyrics, beautiful melody, the theme touched their hearts, all shocked every old person, every child, every family has a Sincere Heart sensitive person. you my heart sinking, fragile. Winds and no tears of friends a man named writes: after many years to understand the original meaning of the real hand, is not lost because of fear of apprehension, not because of fear of loneliness and helplessness, but know and love the understanding, never betray believe, unmitigated dedication. Partner's hand, is accompanied, not follow, holding the hand is relative to the pull of the hand. Pull is always the heart of care, affecting the gentle heart that line, that a trace of sweetness. Love is not just a manifestation of passion, more of a flat in the well-being. Love means trust, inclusiveness, tolerance, holding the hand of love, life's road hand in hand to calmly face the future regardless of the distance is the ups and downs, flat or bumpy, all the way landscape. Xiexiesurui, thank songwriter Li Ziheng, he is as devoted a lot of Chinese classical music. This song will accompany you in my life, so the music we cherish.

song: because the love of your dream of love because you dream so sad with your sadness with you happiness happiness
because of the way because you are passing through your bitter suffering so happy with your pursuit of happiness chase you
because oath not to listen because the commitment can not believe so at ease with silence to convince you of the destiny of tomorrow.
no rough weather to avoid them without having to go so peace of mind to hold your hand do not think that should go back
may pull the hand of the hand pre-existence is not necessarily a good way to go might have life with even more busy
so pull the hand of the hand to go with the next life but also with the way it did not have years to go back

Heng's songs have been popular in the Chinese region, his image and his songs are deeply implanted with a label of depression and even the soul of the listener's heart. Especially for a long time wandering in a foreign land. Before I recommend the Of course he still has a lot of good songs to be remembered, or spread, such as White read the song is called . Life can not be assumed, can not be repeated, perhaps the best such arrangements, late at night I have to go, and once belonged to our youth, but also to leave hate love in you my life, waiting for tonight, will is the last wait. do not come Ye Hao, Ye Hao really do not come ... writers Maike Teng said he End of the World: The song is the need to listen to Heng slowly to taste, to taste that deep heritage, he was a little sad, a little voice of the vicissitudes of life will be very easy for you think of their lives, so you a drunk. Wake up your innermost feelings and the experience of life, even as his voice, you will be moved to tears, do not know that a bitter, sad or painful, as if the soul after a washing, precipitation, then another point on a cigarette, so all this smoke as it slowly released into the atmosphere ... ...
Heng look very ordinary, the singer, the ordinary can be considered a rare appearance. Because television broadcast, when the singer is also popular, like wearing glasses on the mirror to show his face, exceptionally refined elegance. Older too big, gradually we all know that this was a South Korean overseas. Now just think people are too old to face tightened. However, there are still Moving a heart.
particularly like the train whistle past the beginning, put the listener into a sudden and were wandering in the image. End of the World called a friend that the solution degree of the setting sun this song: the train whistle in the heart of every one Moving, find-stop by station, Red worldly men and women come and go, where I, dream of building love, as appropriate, before life take time encounters hard liquor Cup, where pride in 跟往事干杯 wanton cry cry, each section in the back did not return journey, a man had been comforting the lonely hearts brigade. your gentle, the originator of the low rain Yao v. If sleepy, quiet Bay Bay by leaning grass springs. Yo genial with the way forward, even a few laps in the mountains transit, a soft yellow leaves gradually, to swing back into the stream Piaoyuan. Described as a two song, Chinese music, two-Bi.

used to think my home is a picture torn ticket stub after the start of another journey into a strange
number of days so lonely so how many floating-point back to the starting point to the end of the year I realized that
Oh ... I had forgotten the people passing through matter has Gone with the Wind
Moving hearts to have died down and tired I destined you dependent

wandering the jungle facing the wind, rain dye wet rain Yao v. the originator of the low static, if sleepiness leaning grass springs by Bay Bay
lengthy waterfall on the mountain with road transit even turn a few laps a soft yellow leaves getting into the swing back to the stream Piaoyuan
ah fretting over the past many times further away today today with the clouds
floating rain to hear the birds quiet down quietly hope the wind a bunch of gifts I would like to wish
ah send you send you Zhufu Yong constantly looking for endless road gently drift away
fine by the way that the birds add a warm breeze please offer my sincere
told breeze blessed one thousand strings offer best wishes one thousand strings
to 50 and we have to write some of Sarah Chen sorry, though she is now heard from since, but her voice was in her music, you and I had the growth of human society in the moisture, and is so vigorous. Leave the music scene for so long, no news, so my memory of her appearance has begun to blur together. Just remember that there have been such a delicate emotional calm and warmth of the woman had been singing for the love. I remember Sarah Chen has a record of such a copy is written, Sarah Chen as a unique line of all. Jonathan Lee, of course, behind the credit the most, he is the music Sarah Chen guarantee.
Sarah Chen's song seems particularly suited to the theme song for TV drama, such as Here today to say The most classic phrase lyrics their souls in the. So compared to Sarah Chen grace and elegant temperament, the Jonathan Lee for her to create the image of women will really be said to be suitable for her, but the. Of course, like this song also is not only our audience outside of the circle, this song is Pan Yueyun Sandy Li Yijun Ronald Dikeniuzi have cover over, each has its own taste, as to who most impressed you, who you most obsessed with, his heart knows best. However, it is undeniable, and really admire Sarah Chen, the most proud moments in life, resolutely abandon downtown and the surface of the vanity of all, truly really been longing for their own lives, requires courage, but also requires courage, which I appreciate her, but also to learn her. Also should try to approach her. But this is a digression.

song: you say you love should not love your heart full of scars you say you should not have made the mistake committed a heart full of remorse
You said you tasted the bitter life can not find the person you say you believe that palpable sense of frustration and even began to doubt the life
knew always sad but inevitable, why bother you because love is always fond devotion why care so little tenderness
always sad to know that is inevitable in every Mary are some things you do not have to ask some people so you never have to

listen to Jonathan Lee's old dish, mainly Listen to the lyrics, Listen to the stories, Listen to the music behind a move, you can ignore his slightly hoarse voice of the little texture. While listening to Sandy, her share of more charm, sexy share, share a sense of fun. Who's to say Chinese music in the enchanting female voice hidden and charming, that a devaluation Sandy. Jonathan Lee and Sandy work together that would be what kind of effect it, love us put aside, say their music collaboration it, the song However seductive, this song is Jonathan Lee rare few classics, each section can be inadvertently makes the lyrics memorable. feelings expressed most vividly. It is said that singing of Sandy has a fox-like beauty, a lean on the floor in front, long-awaited pro-woman, woman's pity. Sandy Fox-like way to love to sing, such as silk dream, can be considered a kind of Chinese music, pride, but also the blessings of our listeners. At first her It has been described this way: When your heart fall in the city jungle, listen to Jonathan Lee; And when your love to survive in the scarred, to listen to Sandy; and a combination of both works is the only voice of this song, it is is rare, unfortunately still in music today, people are far apart, really a testament to the phrase have changed. The people have changed the blessing come true just the two of them singing this song as well as in the same brother Leslie, this song has always been his brother starred in Resentment version is lingering, tears, way to make a hero of sorts Rouchang Chen dish clothes, love and hate intertwined all focused on the phrase

Yes ah!

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    “有苗不愁长”,阳阳这周就要满21个月了,现在他长得很硬朗,语言跟活动才能都在明显增加。早上一睁眼他就会说“出去玩,出去玩”,本来的他很好哄,只会说好,现在完整有了自己的设法,无比会说“不”了,自己的主意十分保持,决不让步。    “阳阳吃饭吧”,“不吃饭”。    “阳阳吃生果吧”,“不吃水果”,brown satin evening bags。    “阳阳吃什么呢?”,“吃荔枝”。    “吃什么?”,“吃荔枝”。    我给他剥荔枝还不干,“要妈妈剥”。    他对猴子捞月的故事特殊在行,总缠着要讲这个故事,wholesale seven jeans,当初他已经会本人复述这个故事了,会说“一起游玩,一起吃饭”,“非常快活”,“奇异”,“月亮真的掉到井里去了”,“影子”。    他还会《小老鼠上灯台》,《大头大头下雨不愁》一些儿歌了,他谈话的语气和当真的神色常常逗得我们直乐。他特别有名的就是会说对联了:玩水玩沙玩泥巴,洗脸洗手洗屁股。    阳阳在运动方面的禀赋也是小区里著名的,畸形的篮球他能拍30多个了,3、4岁儿童玩的滑板车他也能滑很远了,这些都远远超越了他这个年事小孩的能力,令其余的父母另眼相看。我们剖析他的运动能力一方面与咱们爱好滑雪、爬山、打球有关,另一方面也和我们及时地给他供给了篮球、滑板车这样的运动器械,并且让他勇敢地去尝试有关。所以不要低估了孩子的能力,要敢于让他们去尝试,去摔跤。    当他能与你对话,一颠一颠地跑时,我真正地领会了一句话“孩子都会满地跑了”。