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Clear market search data

Tired of seeing the same apps you've already searched for show up over and over when you search the Android Market? You can easily clear your search history and get rid of the usual -- or incriminating -- list of apps.

Just open your Android Market, hit the menu button, and then the settings button. Tap "Clear search history," and you're done. Easy as pie, and no one is the wiser.

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Android 101: Clear your Android Market search history


And if my Evo 4G wasn't stuck with a Market app who knows how many versions back, I could.

Maybe it IS time to do a manual .apk update. *ponders*

Thanks Phill for pointing that out

One thing I should mention , the "Clear History" feature is available in the new redesigned version (like yours) only

In the older versions , this is NOT possible without using a 3rd party app
Thank God i've received the new market update a couple of days ago

Hi Phil,

thanks for this advice ;) My problem is, that I'm using Droid 4 and there's no way how to handle Android Market anymore.

Only solution I've found (since Android Market turned into Google Play) is Android Delete History PRO.. works fast and incredibly powerful ;)