Looks like analysts are feeling pretty good about the Nexus One. Barclay Capitals analyst Doug Smith believes that Google will sell 5-6 million Nexus Ones this year. That's a very, very big number and if reached, the Nexus One and Google's new Google.com/phone will be an out and out success.

Do we think it's possible? Maybe. With Google's name and dollar behind it, anything is possible. But hitting 5-6 million is a little harder if the Nexus One isn't available in stores. Don't forget, a lot of people like to actually play with a device before they plop down the cold hard cash. And if more Nexus-type devices come out this year, like we expect, it'll definitely slow down the momentum of the original Nexus One.

But one thing the Nexus One got going for it? It's headed to Verizon. Verizon plus Newest Smartphone almost always equal success. Heck, by the end of the year, Verizon Nexus Ones will probably make up 90% of that 5-6 million.

Do you guys think they'll hit 5-6 million this year?