Amzer Snap On Case with Kickstand for the Galaxy Note 3

Every time someone says the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is too big, another person just smiles and opens a video file and watches it on the big, vibrant screen. The only thing missing is a kickstand. A phone like this needs a kickstand. Amzer's Snap On Case with Kickstand for the Galaxy Note 3 is the affordable answer. Add in the protection that a hard snap-on case provides, and a nicely done textured look that gives plenty of grip, and you've got a great accessory.

At first glance, you have a pretty standard hard-shell snap-on case for the Note 3. It grips the phone tightly yet still goes on and off easily, is open on the top and bottom, and has all the cut-outs just where they need to be so you've access to buttons, speaker, camera, microphones and the S Pen, of course. It's something we've all seen — and likely used — and Amzer does it as good as anyone in the business. Combined with a decent screen protector, it's all you really need to keep your Note 3 from getting scratched in a pocket or purse, and keeps it looking like new. To top it off, it looks good, too, with a cross-hatch diamond pattern they gives a good grip without digging into your hands. It's a very solid snap-on case.

But when you take a gander 'round back, BAM — the kickstand is there to greet you. The Note 3 becomes even better with a kickstand. Battery for days, big bold screen, and a app market filled with ways to turn video files into real entertainment make for a great set up. When you can set it on your desk or an airplane tray and watch those videos, it becomes even better. The Amzer Snap On also will stand your phone up in portrait orientation, which means it's the perfect video conferencing stand, too. It's one of those accessories that will make you wonder why you didn't buy it sooner.

You can grab one today from Shop Android in black or white for just $10.95