Amzer Pudding TPU case for the Galaxy Note Edge

Just like its Pudding cases for other devices of any size, Amzer's offering for the Galaxy Note Edge is a simple way to add some basic protection to this big phone with a funky curve. There aren't any fancy features, but when you just need some durable rubber and plastic to protect your Note Edge from occasional bumps and small drops, this one will do.

The Pudding TPU case has a simple design, with a lightly-textured back providing grip for when your phone is on a table paired up with a shiny edge that runs around the sides of the phone. On the curved side of the Note Edge the case offers less protection, of course, but there's still a little trim there to put your fingers on and protect the metal edge around the screen at least. Of course the case offers proper cutouts around all of the ports and the S Pen slot, and has raised covers for the volume and power buttons. Other than the extra bit of width and height, it doesn't hurt the usability of the phone much.

At under $8 it's hard to argue with what you're getting out of the Amzer Pudding TPU case for the Note Edge, and it could easily be a case that you pick up just for occasional use when your Note Edge may get bumped around a bit. You can snag one in black from ShopAndroid today.