Generally speaking, people who want a case on their phone that doesn't add a lot of bulk are at a disadvantage from the start.

Amzer Pudding Droid Turbo

The Droid Turbo is not a thin phone by any stretch, but Motorola worked hard to make it comfortable to hold despite the bulk added by the battery. It's a great device on its own, which makes putting a case around it complicated for some. Adding even more bulk, especially with a case that doesn't offer the same grip points on the sides and back, makes the phone noticeably less enjoyable to use. Case makers have to be careful with the finishing textured used in Droid Turbo cases if they want happy customers, and that's clearly what Amzer was aiming for with their Pudding TPU case.

Amzer Pudding Droid Turbo

Like all TPU cases, the Amzer pudding is thin and flexible. It's rigid in the corners, and provides just enough extra material on the front of the phone to keep the screen off the table when you set the device face down. At the same time, the case slopes at the bottom to match the sharp angle the Droid Turbo forms near the microUSB port, so you get to keep most of the original shape of the phone in the process.

Where this case stands out is in the different textured used. The outer edge of the case is a glossy texture that makes sliding the phone in and out of your pocket nice and easy, while the back of the case is a grippy matte texture that allows the phone to comfortably rest in your hand. It's the closest thing you'll get to the actual back of the Droid Turbo with TPU, which is a nice touch.

Amzer's Pudding TPU case is exactly what you want if you're a fan of the way the Droid Turbo feels when you hold it in your hand, but you know you can't wander around without a case. It'll keep you safe against most light drops, and it'll keep your screen safe against most of your day to day activities.