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Amazon's Q4 2011 earnings call set for Jan. 31 -- will we finally get Kindle Fire numbers?

Amazon has been quick to tell us how popular the Kindle Fire has been the past couple of months, but we've yet to see any real numbers. Perhaps that will change Jan. 31, when the online retailer announces its fourth-quarter 2011 earnings. 

What we do know is that the Kindle Fire was Amazon's best selling, most wished for and most gifted device of the the holiday season. So chances are it's moved a few units. But investors -- if thiey're anything like us -- have got to be chomping at the bit waiting on actual numbers of actual devices sold. Time for Amazon to put its money where its mouth is on this one.

We'll see you at 5 p.m. EST Jan. 31, Amazon.

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  • No need to wait to find out how many Fire were sold. The answer is: a sh!tload.
  • Or as our European crowds say, a metric f*ckton
  • No they will just say we sold a bunch!
  • Yup. They're stingy with their numbers.
  • I love my Kindle Fire.
  • If Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at a loss, it would make sense that they announce the actual numbers to justify the loss in earnings but also as a promise for future gains from content distribution and enhanced shopping experience.
  • I can safely say that they have a least sold one. Or as the European crowd says quite another metric f*ckton.