Amazon's Instant Video app launch said to be 'imminent'

It looks like Amazon is set to debut its Instant Video app on Android phones outside of the company's Kindle Fire ecosystem. An Amazon spokesperson is said to have confirmed of the app's launch to a broader array of phones running Google's mobile operating system but declined to give specifics as to which models will be supported and when.

"Russell Morris, marketing director at Amazon Instant Video [said] that an app for Android devices is 'imminent' although it's unclear whether it will be available across both smartphone and tablet," reported UK's PC Adivsor.

Amazon's Instant Video service competes with video streaming subscription services like Netflix and allows customers to either rent or purchase movies and TV shows a la carte or have access to a library of available content for free through their Amazon Prime annual subscription. On the desktop, Amazon Instant Video is available by visiting the site in the browser while on mobile, the app has thus far been restricted to Apple's iOS devices as well as Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet series, Fire TV, and the new Fire Phone.

Given that the Kindle devices use a forked version of Android, we can't imagine it would be too hard to port the Instant Video app to bring it to a more general Android release.

Additionally, another big news for Amazon's streaming video service is that 4K Ultra HD (UHD) support is coming. Amazon Studios will film its 2014 series in the new higher resolution UHD format.

Are you a Prime subscriber and Android user? Are you looking forward to watching the Instant Video catalog on your Android phone or tablet?

Source: PC Advisor