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Amazon's $199 Echo Look wants to watch you get dressed in your bedroom

Amazon's Echo platform is surely considered a success at this point, but Amazon is clearly interested in pushing on to new form factors and use cases with its artificial intelligence. The latest iteration is an altogether new type of gadget: a camera-enabled device called "Echo Look" that's specifically targeting those who aim to leave the house dressed fashionably.

The Echo Look — which Amazon calls a "Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant" — is a rather small camera (with a microphone and speaker, of course) that sits on a base and offers you full Alexa-enabled voice actions. The main goal of the Echo Look is to help you with your style decisions, though — you stand in front of it, ask it to take a photo or video, and it'll quickly capture and send that data to your phone. It's a full-height camera so you can see everything in one shot, and a bit of magic helps blur out the background to focus on you specifically.

You can use the pictures for your own outfit analysis, or you can also invoke the help of Amazon's "Style Check," which is an algorithm-based system — backed up by fashion professionals — for helping you choose the look that's right for you. Naturally you can send out the photos to your friends as well if you need a second opinion.

Yes, this whole video and website (opens in new tab) reads like an April Fools' Day joke. And yes, at first glance it seems very creepy. But it's not a joke. The Echo Look is actually going to be on sale shortly and you can sign up for an invitation (opens in new tab) to buy it at $199.

Yes, at first glance it seems very creepy.

Chances are there are enough fashion-forward people that just love to have photos of their look before they leave the house that Echo Look can pick up some sales, but it's hard to see this one catching on at the same level as the original Echo and Echo Dot. Perhaps that's why Amazon is sticking to an invitation system at the start to make sure they're going out to the right people.

Some people are already unsure about the idea of having a voice-only Amazon Echo (or Google Home, etc.) anywhere in their home, so chances are a camera-enabled gadget designed to sit in your bedroom and be available as you get dressed crosses more than one line. Even if you trust Amazon to keep the hardware secure, and even if you trust the "off" button on the side that turns off the camera, there's a good chance people will prefer to not voluntarily put a camera in their bedroom.

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  • Oh sweet Neptune can't people do anything for themselves anymore. Are we that insecure and infantile that we can no longer dress ourselves decently without a machine or social media to assist? No. I agree this is a bad idea, but I bet some people will use it anyway. If this becomes "a thing" I am going to dress from head to toe in orange and purple polka dots just to assert my individuality in the most obnoxious way possible. The only truly non frivolous use I see for this is to assist those who are visually impaired. I would imagine some people who can't see colors might make use of this service to assist them with color coordination. .
  • Wall-E
  • Next up...Amazon Prime Live Feeds.
  • My dreams of being Cher Horowitz can finally come true.
  • Stupid stupid stupid idea...
  • I think I can see where Amazon is heading with this but it's a bit over the top in their advertisement. This may work better in stores. I forgot stores are having it hard due to Amazon.
  • You sir, have something there. Stores need this. This along with body suits & foot slides for measurements. The body suits & foot slides that could send data through Bluetooth could make it so that we always get the right size.
  • Selfie lifestyle evolved.
  • Honey, is that a camera hidden on your night stand. Um,don't be silly, it's just another Echo...
  • I was laughing at the headline!
  • Much candid nudes Such fapping Wow.
  • Looks like the "What Not to Wear" folks ended their show just in time. Now they will be obsolete. I would love to give this a spin. It would be interesting to see if it recommended a new style of sweat pants rather than my usual gray.
  • This can't be real.
  • can anyone say amateur sex video?
  • For $20, they could have built a tablet stand with LED lights and a Bluetooth connection to trigger them, and done the same thing in an app.
  • This will be most popular for nude selfies
  • This sounds a little creepy to me. It's a little too late for an April's Fools joke!
  • A robot watching me get naked in my bedroom?
  • I can see Amazon Using this to compete with the various Home Security Cameras (nest Indoor,etc). NO I don't need my echo to take a picture of what I am wearing and make suggestions. My spouse does a great job of that already! :)
  • New feature on adult dating sites: "verified by Amazon Look"
  • "I can't let you leave the house dressed like that, Dave!"
  • Well done!
  • I'm not ashamed to admit that my immediate thought was "Amateur porn studio in 3... 2... 1...". On the other hand, the "Buyers like you also purchased..." suggestions would be novel, I'm sure.
  • So.....,
    This is for the people who intentionally put a camera in their bedroom to let a guy or girl in a hidden panic room, make digital recordings, $ex tapes, and blackmail videos of them? Or anybody who can hack into their network. WOW! GREAT IDEA!!! (sarcasm) *This article comes out right after I read a erotic novel about billionaires, celebrities, and an isolated island blackmailing sceme.*
  • ∆∆∆
    This should explain why this is a TREMENDOUS, GREAT, GREAT, WONDERFUL idea.
  • This plus Net Neutrality going out the window will surely "Make America Great Again". There's a good chance of an Oriely or Trump endorsement here.
  • As a visually impaired guy I kind of love the idea of this. If it really helped with matching up certain things pretty well. Like it saying by voice oh that shirt goes great with those slacks bla bla. I might buy this just to say how it goes.
    Also dude I read that story a couple weeks ago ahahahahah.
  • Your case might actually be the only scenario where this technology makes sense. Besides this, it looks like Amazon is looking to create a need for this device where there never was. I'm the cargo pants/t-shirt guy who gives not a $h¡t for "fashion". A good deal of those who do give a $h¡t for "fashion" have a pretty good grip on it, and the minority should just give up.
  • This should be an onion article. Damn you Amazon.