Let's kick off Monday with the start of a recurring series — Five Things I want you to know going into your week. Maybe they're newsy. Maybe they're just cool. Maybe they'll fill that hole in your Android-loving soul. Or maybe they'll tempt you with the fruits of Apple's labor. Or maybe they'll just be full of forced tech puns. ... Who knows ...

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Kicking things off this week: It's pretty awesome to see CrackBerry turn 10, especially since it also means ol' CrackBerry Kevin is returning to writing, and he's even busting out a little video goodness. And it just so happens that my youngest daughter brought home a sort of BlackBerry of her own this week. Not sure which OS it's running, though.

Thing 2 is one of those awesome little gadgets that I forgot I have, and that I also can't live without. Now that Android phones have made the leap to USB-C, it makes sense to have a USB-C flash drive laying around. And I've had one from SanDisk that goes one further, with a USB-A plug on the other end. So it'll work just fine in my Pixel XL, and plug in to my computer with ease. It's the best of both worlds, really.

As for Thing 3, well ... I don't even know who that guy is. And Thing 4, as the title tells, is all about the portable Amazon Tap updating with the ability to use it hands-free. Now I just have to say "Alexa," instead of hitting a button first. Excellent.

And thing 5? I love this one. Utah doesn't want XHamster's porn — or sex education in general — so XHamster sends all of its traffic from Utah to sex ed content instead. How brilliant is that!

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