Amazon is reportedly working on a new wall-mounted touchscreen Echo device

Amazon Echo Show 10
Amazon Echo Show 10 (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon is reportedly developing a slimmer Echo Show that can be wall-mounted.
  • The project is being run by Amazon's Lab126 R&D hardware division.
  • Prices have not been confirmed, but the device is expected to ship in late 2021 or early 2022.

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is fast at work on a newer, svelter form factor for Alexa and its Echo Show smart screen speakers. This alleged new Echo is being developed by the company's Lab126 research and hardware team in California, which was also responsible for creating the original Echo smart speaker, as well as the infamous Fire phone.

Apparently, the slim, wall-mounted Echo Show speaker will function much like existing Echo Shows, though it may look more like a hanging iPad than the more boxy counter top speakers we are currently familiar with. It is believed to have anywhere from a 10-inch to a 13-inch large display and could retail for roughly the same price as the new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), or around $200-$250. The wall-mounted Echo Show (or whatever Amazon decides to call it) will have a touch screen, camera, and microphone and will be able to control your smart home, make audio and video calls, and serve as an entertainment device. Bloomberg's sources suggested the device will launch later this year or in early 2022.

To get this sort of functionality from a smart speaker now, you have to invest in a wall mount for your Echo devices, though those work best for smaller speakers like the Echo Dot or Nest Mini.

Google Nest Minis lined up on a wall

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

By many respects, the Echo Show lineup is comprised of not only the most popular but the best Alexa speakers you can buy. The Echo Show 10 is the latest offering by the company and is sure to be considered the best Echo Show device after it's officially released later this month.

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