Amazon Releases Official App For Android has just released a free Android application to Android Market (opens in new tab) that'll offer a fast and easy way to shop on Amazon. After Google, Amazon is one of our favorite companies in the world so we're definitely excited to see an official application that'll take advantage of Android's unique features to deliver a great buyer experience.

To give a quick overview of the app, the Amazon App for Android allows you to find items by either manually searching, taking a picture of it, or scanning its barcode. It'll definitely improve the Amazon experience on your Android handset. You'll have full access to your account settings, order history, wish list and Amazon 1-Click.

We would ponder why it took so long for Amazon to deliver an official Android app considering that the Amazon MP3 Store was available on launch but we won't rain on the parade. Android is ready for the prime time now, big companies and carriers all want their piece.

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Casey Chan
  • Nice. Now if only I had the disposable income to buy more through amazon.
  • Just for the US market only! UK, among others, has been left out again.
  • I don't understand all these specialized apps for websites... They should've just improved the mobile site.
  • Not available for Australian market either.
  • Thanks Amazon - as a UK customer, I obviously don't even appear on your radar!
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  • I'd really love an Amazon MP3 client for the UK market, seems pointless having to download on desktop then sync to phone.
  • YAY!
    Android app released to UK customers.
    It doesn't work