Amazon is promoting eco-friendly shopping with its new 'Climate Pledge Friendly' program

Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge
Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon is making it easier for consumers to find and shop for sustainable products with its new Climate Pledge Friendly program.
  • Products with sustainability certifications will now have the Climate Pledge Friendly label.
  • The Climate-Friendly selection currently includes grocery, fashion, beauty, household, and personal electronics products.

Amazon has launched a new program called Climate Pledge Friendly to help consumers discover and shop for sustainable products. When you look for products on, you will now see a Climate Pledge Friendly label on products that have received one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications.

Climate Pledge Friendly Certifications

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, said in a statement:

Climate Pledge Friendly is a simple way for customers to discover more sustainable products that help preserve the natural world. With 18 external certification programs and our own Compact by Design certification, we're incentivizing selling partners to create sustainable products that help protect the planet for future generations.

Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly selection includes items from a wide range of categories – grocery, beauty, household, fashion, and personal electronics products. In addition to the Climate Pledge Friendly label, you will also be able to find additional sustainability information about each item on the product page. There is even a dedicated section for sustainable products on the Amazon store.

Additionally, Amazon has announced a Compact by Design certification to identify products that have a more efficient design. The retail giant says products that need less packaging and are more efficient to ship can lead to a significant reduction in carbon emissions at scale.

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