Amazon Prime Video gets a cool clip-sharing tool with some caveats

Amazon Prime Video Share A Clip
Amazon Prime Video Share A Clip (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon introduces a new sharing feature for the Prime Video app.
  • It lets users edit and share clips from Amazon Original movies and shows.
  • The took is only available on iOS at the moment, with no word on Android availability.

Amazon announced a new feature for its Prime Video app that allows users to share moments from their favorite movies and TV shows.

The new sharing tool is only available on select Amazon Originals and takes a 30-second clip that users can share on social media or via a message.

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Source: Amazon)

When viewing an eligible movie or show, you will notice a share button. Clicking it will pause the content and bring you to an editor with 30 seconds of a clip that can be trimmed down to your liking and previewed before sharing.

It's a handy way of showing off your favorite clip from a show, especially if it's a particular part you might not be able to find elsewhere, like on YouTube. It's also a pretty uncommon feature for streaming sites like Netflix, which generally won't even let users take a screenshot of their content.

Netflix does have a Fast Laughs feature that's similar to TikTok and lets users view and share pre-generated clips from movies and shows. Still, Amazon's tool takes a more customizable approach.

However, like Fast Laughs, this new feature is available first on iOS, leaving the best Android phones out of the fun. We've reached out for availability on Android and will update you if we hear back.

Regardless, it's a neat feature that could work in Amazon's favor, giving users an easy way to promote their favorite shows from its streaming service.

For now, the feature is limited to a small selection of Amazon Original shows, likely due to licensing purposes. This includes "The Boys" (Season One), "The Wilds," "Invincible," and "Fairfax." Amazon says the tool will eventually arrive on more content, which is exciting to think about with "The Lord of the Rings" show coming next year. Let's just hope the feature arrives on Android before it debuts.

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you should already have access to Prime Video. If not, you should definitely consider subscribing so you can get in all the awesome shows and some great Black Friday tablet deals.

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