Amazon is now offering a new way to save on the Echo Dot, and it's going to make you want to buy some of them right now. The company has been selling the Dot by itself for $22 since late last week, but today's Cyber Monday offer makes them even more affordable. When you buy two of the Echo Dot at the same time and use coupon code DOT2PACK when checking out at Amazon, you can score them both for just $38 total. This brings the price of each one down to only $19, which is $5 less than last year's discounted price.

Bundle to save

Amazon Echo Dot 2-Pack

This beats the Black Friday pricing by $3 on each one, but you have to buy two at the same time to get this lowered price. Today's price is the lowest we've ever seen for the Dot.

$38.00 $100.00 $62 off

With coupon: DOT2PACK

We already mentioned that we thought Black Friday deals were disappointing, and one of the reasons why was the Echo Dot pricing. It just wasn't enough of a difference year over year to get excited about, but this bundle changes that. At $19, you aren't going to find a better smart speaker that's worth your time that sounds and looks as great as the Dot does. It's an insane value, and odds are that once you have one of them in your home you are going to want to have a second one in another room anyway. You can also pair the two for stereo audio, so it just makes a lot of sense to buy them both now.

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Seeing Double

Amazon Echo Show 5 2-pack

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is the latest Echo device with a screen. Now Alexa not just tells you everything you want to know, but shows you too! You can even stream shows and movies from services like Prime Video, music from Spotify, and more.

$89.99 $179.98 $90 off

With coupon: SHOW52PK

In addition to offering extra savings on the Echo Dot, Amazon launched similar coupons for the Echo Show 5, the Echo Flex, and Echo Auto. Right now Amazon has the Show 5 marked down from $90 to just $50, but using coupon SHOW52PK scores you two of them for $89.99. This makes each of the $45, which is an added $5 discount on each.

Buy more, save more

Amazon Echo Flex 2-pack

These tiny smart speakers plug right into an AC outlet in your home so you can speak with Alexa, stream music from services like Spotify, control compatible smart home devices using only your voice, and more. Use the below code to save on a 2-pack.

$35.00 $49.98 $15 off

With coupon: FLEX2PK

For the Flex, you need to use the coupon code FLEX2PK in order to grab two of them for $35. Before discounts, these sell for $25 each, which means you are getting a second one for just $10 basically.

Alexa on the go

Amazon Echo Auto 2-pack

You can grab two Echo Auto devices for the regular price of one with the below code. Connect to Alexa on your phone and hear her through your car's speakers. Designed to hear you over traffic, music, and the A/C.

$49.98 $99.98 $50 off

With coupon: AUTO2PK

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

If you want to take Alexa in the car with you via Echo Auto, you'll need to use coupon code AUTO2PACK to drop the price of this two-pack down to just $49.98. This is actually one penny less than a single one sells for on its own without any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal.

All of these added coupons make the devices worth considering, and purchasing. You'll want to make sure that you act quick on these, though, as we don't know when Amazon will expire the codes.

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