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Amazon Appstore updated, beta version of 'Test Drive' comes to some

Amazon has pushed out an update to their Appstore, bringing it to version 2.6.53. Besides the always-present bug fixes and stability enhancements, this time around there's a slick new feature for a select few -- The Test Drive feature. Much like the Test Drive that's always been available on Amazon's web site (opens in new tab), this give you a chance to see what an app looks like and how it operates when installed. 

Without access to the methods Amazon is using to pull this one off, we're going to have to guess it's simulated on a server somewhere and not actually running on your device. But it's still pretty damn cool. Grab your update from Amazon and have a look. If you're lucky enough to get the Test Drive feature, sing out in the comments and let us mere mortals know how it works!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • Any test drive that allows you to actually use it long enough to ascertain that it will really work might force Google into allowing a reasonable review period and get rid of that insulting 15 minute limit. I've paid for 3 apps so far that can't be tested in 15 minutes, only to find they are pretty much useless for my needs.
  • Agreed. It should be at least an hour. It used to be 24 hours and then they cut it to 15 minutes. Isn't there a happy medium somewhere?
  • Here's the issue: Apps priced at $1 usually don't provide users with entertainment past an hour, usually significantly less. I mean, you can't really complain, it was only a dollar. Increasing the trial period for these apps would result in a lot of people purchasing a game to kill some free time, playing it for the trial period, then initiating a refund. I imagine this would make app developers extremely frustrated and upset. If Amazon Test Drive runs the app on an external server (as someone suggested) and not actually on a user's device, at least the user would have relatively limited functionality, decreasing the risk of developers getting ripped off by that trial period window.
  • Got the test drive version on my Verizon Nexus.
  • The Appstore still loads slow as crap on my phone. It was fine before the last couple of updates.
  • Yup got it on GSM/ATT Galaxy Nexus
  • it says "enabled test drive" on my employee limited edition razr maxx. anyone know of any apps that allow you to test drive?
  • Good to go on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Not very apparent though, had to check the setting to see if it was working or not, I guess i have to try to buy an app to see if it is actually in place or not.
  • No Test Drive for me on my T-Mobile One S. You'd think having Amazon Prime would mean something...hmph! (although I've only ever downloaded the free apps and never actually bought one from the Appstore...)
  • Just read this, then checked mine since I just got an update earlier today. I have it on my Sprint E4GT, but I haven't found an app that I can try it on yet.
  • Uninstalled the app a while back. The notifications were driving me crazy. I turn them all off in settings, shortly after I get a notification that there is an update. I update, the notifications get reset back on. Rinse/Repeat. No thank you.
  • Update was available on my US Cellular Samsung Galaxy II (SCH-R760), but like others I've yet to find any apps that offer the test drive.