Amazon will allow sellers to ship non-essential items this week according to new report

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Some third-party sellers will be able to resume shipments to Amazon warehouses this week.
  • Amazon paused non-essential inbound shipments back in March.
  • Quantities will be limited as Amazon continues to prioritize essential items.

After temporarily pausing inbound shipments to its warehouses of non-essential items, Amazon is once again getting ready to allow sellers to have products delivered to warehouses to be sold. According to a statement from Amazon to CNBC, third-party sellers will be able to resume sending limited quantities of items that are non-essential to warehouses later this week. Amazon continues to focus on prioritizing essential items, but will begin refilling stock of other items and ensuring its partners can keep items stocked in warehouses.

The spokesperson for Amazon said:

"We appreciate our selling partners' patience as we prioritize products for customers and adhere to extensive health and safety measures in our fulfillment centers to protect our employees. We will share more details with our selling partners later this week."

Third-party sellers were still able to sell on Amazon through the changes, but the companies couldn't use the "Fulfilled by Amazon" (FBA) service which offers Prime-speed shipping and more. These new changes should mean that some of the items you've seen shipping delays on at Amazon will be able to ship to your home much faster. Amazon has been adding more staffing to accomodate the orders, and has even added virtual grocery lines to help making shopping easier for customers.

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