Amazon adds more TV content to Prime Instant Video service

Amazon is working to improve its Prime Instant Video service today by signing a content deal to bring more TV shows from major networks. The latest deal with A+E Networks will bring previous seasons of popular shows from A&E, Bio, History and Lifetime to the service. Amazon says it has more than doubled the number of show and movie offerings on its service last year, with over 33,000 available in total.

There's still no proper Amazon Prime Instant Video app in the Google Play Store for Android devices, but if you happen to be using a Kindle Fire -- or another device such as a set top box -- with the service you can go enjoy these newly added offerings.

Source: Amazon

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Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • They have got to get an Amazon Prime Video app for Android (besides the Kindle). I like to watch shows on my iPad via the Amazon video app. The other night realized I left my iPad at work, and thought I could just watch on my beautiful Galaxy Note 2 screen. Then I quickly remembered there is no way to watch on it. :(
  • Try using FireFox for Tablet.
    I can watch Amazon Prime on my Acer A500 (old tablet) using it.
  • Where is this "FireFox for Tablet" of which you speak? No such hit on Play and when I've tried sideloading Flash with Firefox Beta, the quality of the playback was atrocious. Blocky, hard to manage, generally craptastic. The ONLY reason there is no Android app is because Amazon wants you to buy a Kindle Fire. Period. It's the ONLY thing Amazon does which doesn't have an app for Android. MP3s and Kindle (other than lending library for Prime peeps) are represented; you can get the Android App Store; but for video, they want you to buy hardware. The fact that they've delivered iPad and iPhone apps while telling their Prime users to pound sand and/or buy a Fire shows a shocking level of contempt and short-sightedness and it's deliberate because there is no technical reason why there's no Android app - the freaking Fire is a skinned Android tablet! - other than they don't want there to be one because they want to sell hardware. This isn't a really problem for me because I can always watch on my home theaters thru my game consoles, but to arbitrarily deny Android users who are paying for Prime - or would if there was an app and thus benefit - and already are set for Android tablets/phones is dumb.
  • I've been able to watch their instant video in a couple of browsers on my phone (Dolphin, Firefox), just like on a desktop. I'm not sure, but I think you do need Flash, tho.
  • Yeah, it's ridic. Can't imagine why they haven't gotten around to it yet. Their traffic would go through the roof.
  • Because rooted users could pirate very easily from the video stream. That's their silly logic, anyway
  • And JailBroken iDevices can't?
  • If that's their logic, then it's plain stupid, because they stream to desktop and laptop computers, which make it even easier to pirate the video stream.
  • I have Amazon Instant Video as a byproduct of Prime and find their video selection to almost be laughable. They really have a lot of catching up to do versus Netflix and Hulu.
  • I can't believe that this is about Amazon's concern about Root users. If that where the case then Netflix and Hulu
  • Actually there is an Amazon Instant Video app for Android in Google Play: The problem is that it apparently only works on LG's Google TVs currently. It's also possible to view in a browser if Flash is installed, but only if you are very gentle about doing so. Personally I don't think this has anything to do with concern about piracy or selling Fire devices (which they don't make direct revenue on). It may have more to do with negotiating favorable terms with Google. Google probably is willing to let it run on Google TV to try to create more interest in that (and compete with other 'set-top' boxes) but less reluctant to allow it more generally, unless (like the iOS app) there's no in-app purchase. What would be more interesting is if Amazon made it available via Amazon Appstore, which most Android users are free to install. Yes, they should do that.
  • I use XScope for my browser. When I first used it on the Nexus 10 and it hit the first web page that needed Flash it asked - do you want to download this from XDA or from (another web site whose name I forget). I clicked on XDA, changed the setting to allow installations from outside sources and voila! Flash working on XScope. Then just go to the Prime Video section on Amazon and you can run the videos as sized by the browser window, full screen, or as a pop-up. Works great!
  • I tried XScope and found it wanting, especially considering I was buying a browser for one site, it didn't work well, and was a kludge to circumvent A'zon's intransigence. I raced to refund it.
  • Android Central Team - Have you ever officially asked as a press org for a status about Amazon Instant Video for Android? If not, could you? It would be nice to hear...something.