Amazfit's latest smartwatch has a curved AMOLED display and 7-day battery life

Amazfit X
Amazfit X (Image credit: Indiegogo)

What you need to know

  • The 2.07" AMOLED display has a 92-degree curve to it.
  • It comes with 7-day battery life and 5 ATM water-resistance.
  • The Amazfit X is launching on Indiegogo with a 31-day run time.

Amazfit is known for smartwatches like the T-Rex and the Verge, but today it's launching a smartwatch that stands out a bit from the traditional looking wrist piece.

The Amazfit X is debuting on Indiegogo today with a curved 2.07" AMOLED display. The screen and battery are curved at 92-degrees to give a more comfortable fit while on your wrist. Speaking of the battery, it's stated to provide up to 7-days of normal usage.

Though the device is narrow and curved, it still is full of sensors and features. Amazfit has put in what it is calling a BioTracker PPG for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. The X also comes with GPS and GLONASS onboard for location tracking during your workouts. This smartwatch was designed with fitness to be a significant part of it.

Amazfit X is using its Personal Activity Intelligence and a 100-point scoring system to help with your fitness goals. There are 9 different sport modes built-in that come with customizable tracking and coaching for each of the activities. Indoor and outdoor options are available as well as swimming due to the 5 ATM water resistance rating.

Amazfit X

Source: Indiegogo (Image credit: Source: Indiegogo)

Built-in sleep tracking is designed to monitor you 24/7 to help to give better sleep data from four stages of sleep. It also helps to give indicators of your stress level based on heart rate readings with updates on your stress level from relaxed to high stress.

The Amazfit X is available in two colors, Eclipse Black and New Moon Gold, on Indiegogo with shipping "guaranteed for August 2020."

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