Amazfit GTR vs. TicWatch S2: Which should you buy?

TicWatch S2


When you want a highly capable fitness watch that comes with sweet bonus features, the TicWatch S2 will win you over. In addition to GPS, 5 ATM water resistance, and heart-rate monitoring, you also get Google Assistant, music storage, and solid app support.

TicWatch S2

Best for bonus features

Built-in GPS and fitness tracking
5 ATM water resistance
MIL-STD-810G certified
Google Assistant
Music storage
Lacks speaker
Short battery life
Design could be better

Amazfit GTR

If you've been searching for a stunning smartwatch with fitness tracking abilities, you'll appreciate the Amazfit GTR. It's especially nice if you want long-lasting battery life. Along with GPS, heart-rate monitoring, and 5 ATM water resistance, the watch also boasts a stylish design.

Amazfit GTR

Weeks of battery life

Built-in GPS and fitness tracking
5 ATM water resistance
Outstanding battery life
Controls music playing on your phone
Stylish design
No music storage
No mic or speaker
Lacks MIL-STD-810G rating

If you're shopping for a smartwatch, it can be overwhelming to try and narrow it down. So many designs and features, how will you choose? When it comes to the Amazfit GTR and the TicWatch S2, the competition is tight. Not only do they share the same price tag, but they offer some of the same features, too. That being said, there are enough differences to tip the scales one way or the other.

In this case, it's going to come down to some key factors, including physical design, battery life, and bonus features. If you're most interested in finding a smartwatch that boasts a uniquely beautiful design while still offering ample fitness tracking, you may find yourself preferring the Amazfit GTR. However, if you're all about the features, we'd have to recommend the TicWatch S2 instead. It might not be as pretty on the surface, but it's what under the hood that makes it a great choice.

Looks matter

PIctured: Amazfit GTR

PIctured: Amazfit GTR

For many people, looks matter in a smartwatch. After all, this is an accessory you're going to wear on a daily basis. It makes sense that you'd want it to look good. While the TicWatch S2 isn't exactly an eyesore, it's also not the prettiest wearable out there. At 46mm, it's big and bulky. The body is made of polyamide and glass fiber while the 22mm interchangeable bands are made of silicone. You'll enjoy a colorful AMOLED display, but It's worth noting that it lacks an ambient light sensor, meaning you'll have to adjust the brightness manually.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Amazfit GTR (47mm)TicWatch S2
Dimensions47.2 x 47.2 x 10.75mm46.6 x 51.8 x 12.9mm
Display1.39" AMOLED, 454x4541.39" AMOLED, 400x400
SensorsBioTracker PPG, 6-axis acceleration, 3-axis geomagnetic, air pressure, ambient light, capacity sensorHeart-reate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, low latency off-body sensor
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 BLEBluetooth 4.1,Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Battery lifeUp to 24 daysUp to 2 days
Water resistance5 ATM5 ATM
US military-grade durability✔️
Onboard GPS✔️✔️
Music storage✔️
Google Assistant✔️

If you simply cannot settle for a rugged-looking watch, you'll be in better hands with the Amazfit GTR. The two size options are 42mm and 47mm. The larger model is available in three classic variants: titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel. The titanium model comes with a fluororubber band while the aluminum and stainless steel models have a leather band. Like the TicWatch S2, you'll enjoy that gorgeous AMOLED display.

Peak performance

Pictured: TicWatch S2

Pictured: TicWatch S2

The good news is that both of these watches have plenty to offer when it comes to performance and features. We can all agree that battery life is important. The Amazfit GTR takes the lead with this one. You'll get an impressive 24 days of battery with typical use. Basic watch mode lasts for 74 days while continuous GPS mode can last 40 hours.

The TicWatch S2 doesn't provide a detailed breakdown on battery life. Instead, it simply states the battery with last for up to two days. When you activate continuous heart-rate monitoring and frequently use GPS, it's likely you'll be charging it every day or so. This is disappointing considering it has the same display and is practically the same size as the Amazfit GTR. You'll have to keep in mind, though, that the TicWatch S2 has more features than its competitor.

The TicWatch S2 has more to offer in some very important areas.

Fitness tracking is great on both of these wearables. The TicWatch S2 is more robust when it comes to having different options for how you track. Most of the fitness tracking features are linked to the TicHealth app by default, but you can change this to Google Fit if you'd prefer. The six main workouts it tracks are indoor run, outdoor run, outdoor walk, cycling, free style, and pool swim. TicMotion is the stand-out feature. It automatically detects and monitors activity throughout the day. You don't even have to pick a specific workout before you start.

The Amazfit GTR delivers in this area, too. You'll have a total of 12 sport modes available: walk, indoor and outdoor run, indoor and outdoor cycle, trail run, elliptical, climb, ski, pool swim, open water swim and general exercise. Other than sharing your data from the Amazfit app to Strava, you're going to feel a bit limited in comparison to the TicWatch S2.

In addition to fitness tracking, there are some key features you're probably hoping to find in a smartwatch. If you're a running enthusiast, you'll love the TicWatch S2 for many reasons. Aside from built-in GPS, you'll also have music storage for phone-free listening. It even has Google Assistant, so if you need something in a pinch, this feature will come in handy. The US military-grade durability is what makes this watch so tough. It can withstand shock, dust, water, and extreme temperature fluctuations. As if all of that wasn't enough, you'll also have Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, everything we just mentioned is missing from the Amazfit GTR.

The verdict

It's understandable that some people are more concerned about the appearance of a smartwatch than what it does. If that's the case, it makes sense to prefer the Amazfit GTR over the TicWatch S2. You'll get two size options, a lovely design, and exceptional battery life, which isn't a bad trade-off in the grand scheme of things.

By now, it's probably clear where we stand. The TicWatch S2 has more to offer in some very important areas. There are more benefits and flexibility with fitness tracking. You simply can't beat the long list of features, either. It may fall behind the Amazfit GTR in other aspects, but it's a true fitness smartwatch that delivers everything you need for an enjoyable experience.

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