Google's co-founder and current Alphabet CEO Larry Page has reportedly been secretly funding two startups, Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, that are trying to create flying cars.

Larry Page

According to Bloomberg, the first location for Zee.Aero's offices were placed right next to Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California:

Page has personally funded Zee.Aero since its launch in 2010 while demanding that his involvement stay hidden from the public, according to 10 people with intimate knowledge of the company. Zee.Aero, however, is just one part of Page's plan to usher in an age of personalized air travel, free from gridlocked streets and the cramped indignities of modern flight. Like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Page is using his personal fortune to build the future of his childhood dreams.

The story claims that Page has spent $100 million on Zee.Aero so far, and it currently employs 150 people. It is now located in an airport hanger in Hollister, California. Bloomberg adds that in 2015, Page started funding a second flying car startup, Kitty Hawk, which is less than a mile from Zee.Aero's offices. It reportedly has about 12 engineers:

Page has drawn a line separating his two flying-car teams, employees say. It's common for the Zee.Aero engineers to speculate over lunch about what their Kitty Hawk counterparts are up to. The former Zee.Aero employees think Page wanted to see if a smaller team could move faster, and the added pressure on Zee.Aero didn't hurt. Two people say Kitty Hawk is working on something that resembles a giant version of a quadcopter drone.

The report does state there are a lot of obstacles that flying cars will have to deal with before they have a chance of actually coming on the market. It adds that Page reportedly told someone that he would end his involvement in his flying car startups if his role ever became public.