Alleged Chrome OS Screenshots Surface

We're still not sure how we feel about Google Chrome OS--on one hand, it's great to see Google try to take on the personal computing market but on the other, it seems like Chrome OS and Android are heading for a head-on collision. Regardless of what we feel though, Google Chrome OS is an exciting proposition and Engadget has gotten a hold of some screenshots of Chrome OS in action. Allegedly, at least.

We're pretty certain that these pictures are fake, the top menu bar just looks off to us, but hey, it's always fun to play pretend and imagine what it'll look like, right? The tipster goes on to say that most applications are online while Picasa runs locally--definitely not a farfetched idea. Either way, we still find it incredibly odd that Google has yet to show off official pictures of Chrome OS, there's just something fishy about that.

What do you guys think? Real or fake? Not even worth our time?

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Casey Chan