We're just under a week away from Motorola's July 28 event, where we're expected to get a look at what the manufacturer has coming down the pipeline, but a new image of the front of an alleged third-generation Moto X may give us an early peek at what we can expect. Overall, the phone looks to sport a similar design to last year's Moto X, but with one interesting addition: front-facing flash. Further down in the Google+ comments where the picture appeared, the poster notes that the screen size is 5.5-inches, and there's possibly a 5.2-inch "Moto X Sport" in the works as well.

Alleged 2015 Moto X

No other details of the alleged 2015 Moto X were revealed, but if this leak turns out to be the real thing, it looks like selfie aficionados will have something to look forward to with that front-facing flash. In any case, nothing is official until it's official, and we should hear more directly from Motorola in just under a week's time.

Update: Alongside the first leak, it looks like Android fan page Perú Android has gotten its hands on some more alleged pictures of the 2015 Moto X, giving us a clear look at the back of the phone. Perú Android also claims that Motorola may include a fingerprint scanner at the bottom portion of the phone, but this is unconfirmed and it's hard to imagine one being squeezed into that space.

Alleged 2015 Moto X back and bottom

Source: Paul Faz (Google+)

Moto X Style (Pure Edition)


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