All the strongest LGBTQ+ characters in PS4 games

Sometimes it's hard living in a world where we haven't quite gotten to where we should be in terms of open-mindedness, understanding, and overall humanity. It can feel like with each step forward there is always some pushback. The memory I have of the outrage toward the Asari in Mass Effect is something I will never forget and it was just a PG-13 romance. But as time goes on we have more LGBTQ+ characters being written into games, and not just coding errors developers never fixed. Full-fledged, fleshed-out characters who have strong personalities and backstories we can connect with and here are some of the ones we find most intriguing.

Keep them coming, devs!

Even in writing this list I was reminded that as we are slowly expanding the list of LGBTQ+ characters in games, there are far more gay female characters to male. For every three strong female characters like Ellie in The Last of Us, there is only one male who isn't portrayed poorly. Fewer if they hadn't agreed to make Jaal bisexual after the fact in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

However, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a breath of fresh air and earns the award for having the most diverse group of characters I have seen. None of whom feel weak on story. Even the older Dragon Age games had some characters that would have made the cut if not for the fact they were never remastered for PS4.

Here is to hoping we continue moving in the right direction both in our games and in our lives. Happy Pride.

Kelly Peirce