Alcatel OneTouch announced at CES 2016 its new family of phones and tablets, Pixi 4. Unlike other phones and tablets, this single name applies to a group of devices which include three different smartphones and a tablet. With screen sizes ranging from a small 3.5-inches to 6-inches on the phone, the tablet comes in at 7-inches.

By combining a comprehensive user experience in design, audio, battery life and with the camera, Alcatel OneTouch hopes that the Pixi 4 family of devices makes a great complete package. For the phones, you've got three different screen sizes to decide between, 3.5, 4 and 6-inches, while the tablet comes in at 7-inches. The 3.5-inch smartphone will feature slightly lower specs, but the exact details are not known at this time.

On the rest of the phones, and the tablet, you'll have a quad-core processor and with the included power-saving features you'll have around 25 percent longer battery life. The sound quality has been enhanced, so you can expect a louder and cleaner sound from all of your apps, videos and music playback.

At this time, Alcatel OneTouch has yet to announce any official word on pricing or availability for the Pixi 4 family of devices.