New Aio Wireless plans

Auto Pay knocks an additional $5 off your plan every month

AT&T's data-oriented prepaid brand, Aio Wireless, is increasing data allowances and decreasing prices on its plans today. Keeping the same structure, Aio Wireless offers three service levels — Basic, Smart and Pro — that each have unlimited talk and text along with a certain amount of high-speed data access, which is throttled (to 2G speeds) after that point.

Starting today, its Basic plan keeps the same $40 price point but doubles its data offering to 500MB at high speeds. Smart drops by $5 to $50 monthly and bumps up the data by 500MB to 2.5GB total. Finally, Pro drops by $10 to $60 per month with the same 5GB of data (although at some point this plan did indeed offer 7GB of data).

Aio Wireless is also introducing an "Auto Pay" system that's popular among prepaid carriers, which decreases your plan price if you set up recurring payments to refill your account. No matter your plan choice you'll pick up a $5 monthly discount for signing up for Auto Pay.

Heavy data users on a tighter budget may want to take a look at Aio Wireless, especially after these plan changes and their move to increasing their data speed caps (at 8mbps last we checked) and offering LTE service on its plans. You can check out Aio's full setup at the source link below.

Source: Aio Wireless