Aereo now works with Chromecast

Aereo has informed us that its app for Android now works with Chromecast. Chromecast support was originally scheduled for May 29th and now it looks like the updated app has hit the Google Play store.

Aereo is a subscription cloud-based service that allows you to watch and record live TV without requiring users to have an antenna themselves. The video feed is then streamed to your smartphone or tablet, and with Chromecast support, users can choose to watch the content on a larger TV screen instead of a smaller phone when they're at home or in a hotel room. This brings more versatility to the $8 per month Aereo service when paired with Google's TV dongle.

Is Aereo available in your area? If so, is this a compelling feature that you would likely use?

Source: Aereo

Chuong H Nguyen
  • I hope the court rules in favor and they turn Denver back on! Please!!
  • This!!!
  • Aereo will lose or it will be the end of free OTA TV Jim Lloyd
  • No, it will not, for several reasons. 1. Most network affiliates are not owned by the networks, and the networks have contractual obligations to the station owners to provide them with programming until those contracts come up for renewal. You can believe that those station owners are not going to permit the networks to pull their programming, at least not until those contracts end.
    2. At the expiration of those contracts, the networks will need to decide if they wish to end OTA programming. If they choose to do so, the station owners aren't simply going to turn off their transmitters, turn out the lights, and surrender their licenses. They're going to look for new programming, and there are plenty of programmers who would jump at the chance to get carriage on a major OTA station. By pulling the plug, the networks will have created a huge programming vacuum that others will rush in to fill.
    3. Finally, by terminating their relationships with OTA stations, the networks will become nothing more than cable channels. Those relationships with local stations are mutually beneficial. The stations get programming, and the networks get local promotion by the affiliates. They get a level of visibility that they simply won't have operating as cable channels. What the networks are afraid of is the end of the retrans fees they get from the cable companies should Aereo win. Those fees have made them tons of money they couldn't get through advertising, but it's worth noting that, for decades, they didn't receive such fees, and they managed just fine.
  • This would be like Tune-In Radio app, which has access to every radio station in the world, being shut down for being a portal to all the radio stations. We still see the commercials that networks need to run to get ads through, so what's the big deal? You would think TV channels would want their ads to get to as many people as possible, no matter what type t\of media service is showing it.
  • So they finally won against the court? Posted via Android Central App
  • No, hasn't been decided. If they win the networks will do away with free OTA TV imo Jim Lloyd
  • If the networks do away with free broadcasting all of their spectrum defaults back to the federal government. I seriously doubt that will happen. The networks aren't really the ones losing out anyway, it's the cable companies.
  • Let them, they are using a decades old model, and need to wake up, and CBS the one leading the cry was upset as out of area users can view other city's broadcasts, not anymore, they verify your credit card billing's address for your area, so I can only get local NYC channels not San Francisco as an example.
    I signed up for it, as I cannot get any channels in by building and I live in NYC. Time Warner wanted $25 for local only, no thanks, I am paying $8 to watch local sometimes.
    Should POTUS decide against Aereo, I still won't subscribe to local, bye bye local. I'll stick with my Roku3 and Chormecast for Netflix, Amazon Prime video, etc.
  • Oops, meant SCOTUS instead of POTUS, don;'t think Obama will be making the Aereo decision.
  • And since the SCOTUS has a majority of Conservatives, they always side with big corporations first, no matter if it is fair and just. Corporations run the government
  • Hi Jim, That's the second time I've seen you say that free OTA TV will be going away. I don't think this is going to happen for several reasons. (I'm only going to speak about US networks, because I don't know anything about what other countries are doing.) 1. More people are cutting the cord and going to models like Aerio and PlayOn, which require OTA signals in order to provide local channels. Whether Aerio wins or not, there will be pressure from the public (especially cord cutters) to keep OTA available.
    2. By law, all televisions sold in the United States MUST be able to process an OTA signal.
    3. After the 2009 forced upgrade to digital OTA, we have a whole new infrastructure for signal delivery, and it would be financial stupidity for the networks to abandon it. Instead, local network affiliates are actually adding digital subchannels and expanding their advertising footprint, so it's a moneymaker for the networks. Our local NBC affiliate has four different HD channels, and they sell commercials for all of them.
    4. Many OTA channels are foreign language channels, intended to reach non-English speaking people. Often, demographics show that concentrations of non-English speakers tend to be low income households, as well, so OTA may be their only option.
  • Awesome. Aereo rules
  • I'd be interested to see expanded selection and choice in programming (or just hiding what I don't care about), and maybe premium channels - essentially, something that replaces cable and dish. I'm not sure they're trying to push that far, but the option to push to the big screen, along with the right programming, would leave me feeling quite good about things.
  • what is Aereo? Are they in LA? what do you get when you combine the two words?
  • Thanks for making me laugh :)
  • Ha. Now I have that Tech N9ne song stuck in my head.
  • IF Aereo wins the supreme court battle, I'll be signing up in November when my FiOS triple play expires and going to internet only. This just sweetens the pot.
    Crossing my fingers.
    Then again I may cut the cord even if they lose and Aereo is shut down, but it'll be a harder argument with my wife.
    I live in an apartment and while I could get normal OTA if I was able to put an Antenna on my roof, I'm not allowed to and our brick building makes indoors reception impossible for everything but 1 channel.
  • I'm with you on this. I'm cutting the cord if Aereo wins. If not, I may jump to dish since they're the cheapest between comcast, directtv, etc. No fios here :\
  • I'm waiting for Slingbox
  • is network television programming really worth all the fuss?
  • Again, not available in Canada! Posted via Android Central App
  • Just get an hdmi Android mini pc... Beats the snot out of this piece of junk Posted via Android Central App
  • Anyone live in Detroit and want to help me out with a log in?