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Adult Swim video app coming in May, Robot Unicorn Attack available today

Angry Birds might have some competition as Adult Swim launched Robot Unicorn Attack on Android today. The game grants wishes for $1 and comes packed with OpenFeint support. In addition, Adult Swim may bring both Amateur Surgeon and Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) to Android in the coming months alongside the Heavy Metal and Christmas versions of Robot Unicorn Attack. The porting of these and other games will depend on how well received Robot Unicorn Attack is. 

Adult Swim is also bringing its free video player app that will allow fans to watch clips and some full episodes of shows like Robot Chicken and The Venture Bros. Expect the Adult Swim app to land sometime this May. By then you should have had plenty of time to consider how open your eyes are.

Download links? Yep, we got 'em. After the break.

  • oh snap! downloading now! cant wait.
  • YES!!! FINALLY!! I was getting tired of Adult swim apps being strictly for Apple.
  • I might care if AS still had anime in their lineup.
  • Check them out on saturday nights after mid night.
  • Congratulations, you're part of the extreme minority that enjoys anime. Stop acting like it's the most popular genre on television. If more people liked it, they wouldn't pull it off peak viewing hours.
  • just put it on my droid x running gingerbread and its super super laggy. it also crashed my phone once so far. prob gonna uininstall :\
  • I'm on the original GB leak from a month ago. Runs smooth on my DX. Not even o/c'd.
  • I've played the free online version and it was an ok game. Not worth the buck to play it on my Shift really. The video app should be cool though
  • I kind of agree with you. It gets old pretty fast. I put down the .99 to encourage more AS releases for android though.
  • Fair enough. There might be other games from them I'd pay the buck for but there are better/more detailed games in the market for free than Robot Unicorn. Plus I just tried and I can play the game in my Shift browser just fine.
  • Downloading... installed. Enjoying. Worth 99 cents you cheap asses.
  • I hope Five Minutes does get released. That game is great!