Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy launches ActionDash, a Digital Wellbeing app for all Android phones

Chris Lacy, developer of the superb Action Launcher, is back with his first new app in over three years. Called ActionDash, this app aims to expand on the digital data insights of Digital Wellbeing and bring it to all phones, not just the lucky Google Pixel phones and Google Home speakers that have received it so far.

Announced in a blog post this afternoon, Lacy claims that ActionDash takes the Digital Wellbeing concept and runs with it, giving you a dashboard of data on all apps — pre-installed system apps and third-party apps alike — and visualize all kinds of data about how you use your phone, and how your apps use your notification channels and resources.

ActionDash claims to go far beyond the information currently offered up by Digital Wellbeing, but even more so, this app can bring this data to the millions of Android phones that can't currently use Google's feature, allowing far, far more users to analyze and act on their digital habits and the distractions from installed apps.

The 1.0 version of the app has many features — including a dark theme, thank you, Lacy!! — and can provide even those not trying to cut down on their digital use with helpful statistics about their apps and their device time. The app also integrates with Action Launcher, because of course it does, allowing you to pull up the app usage stats for a particular app directly from the long-press menu for any app in your launcher.

There's a lot here to unpack, and I very much look forward to unpacking my phone habits with ActionDash over the coming days and weeks.

Free at Google Play

Ara Wagoner

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