Acer outlines Jelly Bean upgrade plans, older tablets being left out in the cold

If you're an owner of one of Acer's range of Android tablets, you'll no doubts be wondering if and when you'll ever see some Jelly Bean action. Well, Acer has come forth with the details, so wonder no longer. While it's good news for some, inevitably it will herald bad news for others. Here's the long and short of it though. 

The latest tablets are all in the 'yes' column. The new, 7-inch, A110 actually launches with Jelly Bean, but the larger A210 and A510 will both see an update to Android 4.1. They weren't offering any timeline for said updates, but still good news. The A700 Jelly Bean rollout reportedly started rolling out this past week. 

Then, to the bad news. The older generation of Acer tablets won't be seeing a Jelly Bean update. So, that's the A100, A200 and A500 reaching the end of their Android upgrading lives. There's always the community to turn to though, and we're sure there will be unofficial methods of getting Jelly Bean onto those devices. 

Source: Computerworld

Richard Devine