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Acer Iconia Tab coming to Target stores May 15?

We just got this in from a tipster working at Target who received a non-retail, working display model of the Acer Iconia Tab.  A quick inspection of the box label tells us that the proposed sale date is May 15, thanks to some squinting and a bit of photo editing software wizardry.  We know that you can snag one at Best Buy for $450, but as my wife often reminds me "You might find that cheaper at Target".

Having said that, there's no word on any pricing, or if this will be at all Target stores or just a select few.  Hopefully this is just the beginning and we soon see a full scale pricing war for tablets from all vendors.  There's another pic of the back of the box after the break.

Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Best tablet on the market!!! Love it!!!
  • I still think the transformer edges it out with the keyboard option. You just can't find them!
  • Why have a keyboard on a tablet? Might as well buy a laptop if that's the case.
  • very good looking tablet.
  • i picked mine up at best buy and so far i like it. i've been able to plug in a memory stick and usb keyboard w/o trouble. very nice!
  • I would've bought this had I not seen the Asus Transformer first.
  • I got my A500 yesterday and so far it's awesome. I didn't see the need for a keyboard (ASUS Transformer) and with the full usb port on the tab I could hook one up if I really needed it. As with all of the tablets there are pros and cons with this one, but still a solid tablet.
  • I couldn't agree more. The best specs the best price and a solid tablet. This is the tab that gets no respect from Android Central. They won't even create a forum for it. Unlike all the other vendors Acer led with a wifi only tab. Imagine that! (Rumor has it that the 3G version appears soon on AT&T) You really don't need a keyboard on this tab. The on screen one is very nice, and the swifkey (beta) is totally awesome. But with TWO usb ports you can add your own keyboard, even a wireless one. For the price, nothing beats this tab right now. If you want a laptop buy one. If you want a tablet, buy the Acer. Bluetooth profiles are limited pending the next release said to be in June. Only downside I have found so far.
  • it's a nice solid tab and a good price for it also.
  • Jerry, please have the powers that be create a forum for this tab!
  • Hi guys I am thinking between this one or the Toshiba. ASUS I was excited but I like that the Acer and the Toshiba both have USB ports. Thanks
  • Except the acer is here now, and toshiba will be $150 more when it finally arrives.
  • I really like this tab. Was looking for the Transformer, but got this instead. Would be great if the development community figures out how to enable the USB port for 3g modems like the one I have from work... I imagine this will not only be possible, it will eventually happen.
  • Does anyone knows if the Acer has a custom skin or is it plain like the Xoom so we can updated easily when google comes with the honeycomb updates
  • No custom skin at all. A few Acer type Widgets but they are optional and can be removed from screens if wanted. This is Android 3.0 at its best and I love it!!! This is sent from my Acer Iconia Tab :-)
  • Yeah why doesn't this tablet get any love from this site???? It is the best on the market, I saw and held the Asus, the Acer tab is far better and does not feel cheap like the Asus does
  • I got the A500 at BestBuy on Thursday. I'm pretty happy with it. The two big issues are that it feels very heavy and if you leave it suspended overnight, the battery will be dead in the morning.