Acer Iconia Tab A510 now available from Acer; 32GB, ICS, and Tegra 3 for $450

Acer has quietly made the Iconia Tab A510 available for immediate sale and shipping from their website this evening, ending what felt like the world's longest pre-order phase. $450 will get you 10.1-inches of Tegra 3-powered, Ice Cream Sandwich packing, 32GB storage toting Android tablet, and that's something to make any of us look long and hard. 

The current model is the special Olympic edition, available in black or white with the official 2012 Olympic logo on the rear, but under the hood it's the same beastly hardware we saw at CES earlier this year. If you've been waiting for this one to go on sale, now is your chance. Hit the link below for the full details and ordering information.

Source: Acer (opens in new tab); via Engadget

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • "that's something to make any of us look long and hard." *snicker*
  • is there a 16gig version coming soon ?.. or a non olympic version?.. something just a bit cheaper?.. i'm desperate for a tegra 3 or Quad core tablet but still a Cheap skate lol :)-
  • Depending on what you plan to do, going with lower storage may not work for you. On 16GB tablet, you'll end up with around 12GB of "external storage" to save application data. You can add whatever size MicroSD card you want, but you will not be able to move applications there. There are many games that will have over 1GB of storage requirement, after a while it will fill up your storage. However, if you are using it for media playblack, that can be stored on a MicrosSD card. So, plan out what you want to use it, then decide on how much storage to get.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • That's how life works. You trade money for commodities.
  • But what mom is going to buy this when they could have a real iPad at the same price? Or get the iPad 2 for less. To get a foothold in the market, they need to match specs at half the price. Asus did fine on every spec but one: price.
  • "The current model is the special Olympic edition" The edition is special or it is for the Special Olympics? If it is the latter, hopefully they get some money from the purchase.
  • Lol, I laughed. I would guess he would have capitalized the word "special" had it been the actual "Special Olympics".
  • yeah i only came into the comments to see how many others noticed that one...
  • I'm still waiting for the A700 Iconia. The 510 is interesting, but a bit expensive for a repackage of the A500.
  • Still waiting for windows 8 dual boot. Come on Microsoft
  • As a South Korean, I would never buy an Acer, Asus or HTC.
    Just like the Taiwanese who would never buy a Samsung, LG, Hyundai or Kia.
  • Wow......ok.
  • As an American i will never buy anything made in China, lol, insert sarcasm.
  • Still waiting for the magic $199 tablet that runs ICS. I had to return a Kindle Fire because the performance on that is abysmal (worse than my single core Galaxy S phone) and I just couldn't take the jerky scrolling and slow launch times. These $500 tablets are nice for people who can afford them I suppose.
  • Screen rez is kind of low, IMO.