Google Home adds 'Household' routines, device triggers to automate your smart home

The new redesigned Google Home app for Fall 2022
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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out an update with "household" routines for the Home app.
  • These routines can be edited by anyone in the house, and creating a new routine will prompt the app to ask if it is a "household" or "personal" routine.
  • The update also adds device triggers, which lets users set and trigger routines based on devices in their homes.

Google adds "household" routines to its Home app as it begins to expand its available device triggers.

According to 9to5Google, the company is now rolling out an update containing "household" routines for the Google Home app. These new routines can be seen and edited by anyone within the home as the defaulted "home" and "away" routines are classified as "household" routines. With this new update, users now have the ability to create new routines and allow those to be edited and accessed by others in the house.

In addition, Google Home is allowing users to set device triggers. When setting a routine, you can specify the routine to start "When a device does something," allowing your smart home devices to trigger certain routines.

For now, it appears as though these add-ons are only appearing when you go to create a household routine and not a personal one.

Additionally, 9to5 has noticed that additional smart home devices appear to have been added to the "adjust home devices" section when you go to set an Action, giving users more control of their household devices that were previously unavailable through this option.

You can see all the new starters and actions on Google's Nest Community blog for a better look at the routines you can set up.

These updates to Google Home's routines are undoubtedly prep work for the app's upcoming redesign Google revealed earlier this month. The app's major overhaul includes a brand new UI that's completely customizable with new tabs for assistance in getting to the most important areas, such as automating your smart home tech.

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