New Amazon feature makes it easy to cast movies on Fire TVs and Echo Show 15 from your phone

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What you need to know

  • During CES 2024, Amazon showcased Matter Casting for the first time, which lets users cast content from supported apps on Android and iOS to its products.
  • Users will be able to cast and watch shows and movies on Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices.
  • For now, users can cast content from the Prime Video app to Echo Show 15 devices as Fire TVs will pick it up "in the coming months."
  • Panasonic TVs with Fire TV built-in are also preparing to receive the feature in 2024.

During CES 2024, Amazon had quite a bit to say, and one of those announcements involved showcasing the industry's first Matter Casting implementation.

In its roundup post, Amazon stated Matter Casting will let smart home consumers cast content from supported apps on Android and iOS to its products. Users will be able to view their content on the company's Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices.

Amazon adds that users can start watching a movie, or browse for more content using the Prime Video app on their phone before casting it to their desired, compatible device.

For now, Matter Casting is available for users globally looking to cast Prime Video content from their Android or iOS devices to an Echo Show 15. Fire TVs will receive this feature "in the coming months," alongside smart TVs from Panasonic with Fire TV built-in. This follows swiftly behind Amazon's announcement that Panasonic's smart TVs would feature and in built Fire TV, beginning in 2024.

The company then showed off two new OLED TVs, the Z95A and the Z93A. The former will be available in 65 inches and 55 inches while the latter lands at 77 inches.

Lastly, Amazon states it is working with Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, STARZ, and ZDF to bring Matter Casting support "later this year."


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We first heard of Matter's interest in breaking us free from the "grips" of Chromecast and Airplay in 2021. Amazon was at the forefront of the announced plan as the company hadn't had its own casting software despite being so involved in the smart home industry. The casting software aimed to bring "interoperability" between apps and a consumer's desired viewing device.

Some of the hurdles involved dealt with waiting on TV makers to build Matter into their displays. Right now, we have Amazon's devices picking it up, with Panasonic joining in sometime this year. We'll have to see which other brands continue the trend as we move forward.

Elsewhere, in October, the Matter 1.2 upgrade rolled out to device manufacturers in preparation for supported devices soon after. The update included nine new supported devices such as air quality sensors, air purifiers, and dishwashers. The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) also improved device colors, descriptions, connectivity hierarchy, and more in this upgrade.

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