Samsung and Jaden Smith's MSFTSrep launch eco-friendly Galaxy accessories for Earth Day

Samsung Galaxy X MSFTSrep accessories
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has partnered with Jaden Smith for a collection of MSFTSrep accessories for Earth Day.
  • The accessories are made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials, including TOTO-TOA Enhanced PC and TPU.
  • The lineup consists of cases and watch bands available in four different styles.

Earth Day is just over a week away, but Samsung is launching new accessories as part of its commitment to sustainability. On Thursday, the company announced a lineup of accessories designed by Jaden Smith (also known as JADEN) as part of the new MSFTSrep collection.

The Samsung Galaxy x MSFTSrep Eco-conscious Accessories Collection includes cases for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, as well as watch bands and watch faces for the company's latest Galaxy Watches. They are made using eco-friendly, biodegradable materials such as TOTO-TOA Enhanced polycarbonate and TPU. The accessories also come in four different styles with designs by Smith.

Styles include MSFTSrep Spiral, MSFTSrep Classic, MSFTSrep Snowprint, and MSFTSrep Wavy Rainbow.

"I think the public shift towards sustainability is amazing because people are waking up and realizing what we actually have to do to change the world," says Smith, co-owner of the MSFTSrep clothing brand. "We have to change the way that we produce and the way that we consume, and everyone is waking up."

Samsung has not been shy about its sustainability efforts which underscore its Galaxy for the Planet initiative. With this initiative, Samsung aims to include recyclable material in all mobile products and eliminate plastics from all mobile packaging by 2025.

The Galaxy S23 series represents the company's most sustainable phone lineup to date, utilizing materials such as repurposed fishing nets, recycled water barrels, and a bevy of other recycled materials throughout the internal and external components. Samsung has also launched other sustainable accessory collections over the past couple of years as part of this initiative.

The new MSFTSrep accessories are available now at Samsung's website. The Buds 2 Pro case retails for $30, while the other accessories go for $50.

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