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Google Pixel Buds Pro: Release date, specs, and everything you need to know

Pixel Buds Pro
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Following lack-luster releases of the Pixel Buds (2020) and Pixel Buds A-Series, Google has officially announced its high-end earbuds with the Pixel Buds Pro. These have been expected for some time, and offer some of the best features that we've been waiting for.  

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Release date, price, and availability

Pixel Buds Pro Fog Lifestyle

(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Buds Pro were announced at Google I/O 2022 and will be available for preorder on July 21 with an asking price of $199. These earbuds come in four different colors: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog, and Charcoal. 

Shortly after unveiling the Buds Pro, Google confirmed which these new earbuds would be coming to. Google's new headphones are coming to a total of 12 different countries, but not all of the color options will be available in every country. Here's the full list of the countries and the colors that are going to be available:

  • United States: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Canada: Charcoal, Fog, Lemongrass
  • United Kingdom: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • France: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Germany: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Ireland: Charcoal
  • Italy: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Spain: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Australia: Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Japan: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, Lemongrass
  • Taiwan: Charcoal, Fog
  • Singapore: Charcoal

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Design

Pixel Buds Pro Colors lifestyle

(Image credit: Google)

On the surface, the Pixel Buds Pro don't look all that different from the Pixel Buds (2020) and Pixel Buds A-Series. These earbuds retain a flat-edged design while sporting a much larger body. As for the ear-tips, Google is including the traditional silicone options, while providing several different sizes so that you can get the perfect fit.

You'll also find Google's "G" logo on the outside, flanked by a combination of microphones and sensors. And the flat edge of the earbud is touch-sensitive, providing touch controls, including swipe gestures to control volume and playback. Google is also bringing back the popular Coral color option, which was first introduced with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL before also being made available with the Pixel Buds (2020). 

Pixel Buds Pro in Pixel Stand v2

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As for the charging case, it's a lot of the same, as Google is continuing to use the egg-shaped case. This time around, the case is slightly larger than its predecessors as it needs to accommodate the larger Pixel Buds Pro earbuds. But this will also make it easy to prop up on the Pixel Stand v2 for wireless charging. 

Those concerned about whether Google skipped out on water resistance can rest easy. The Pixel Buds Pro earbuds feature an IPX4 water and sweat-resistant rating, while the charging case sports an IPX2 water and sweat-resistant rating. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Specs and features

Pixel Buds Pro Lemongrass Lifestyle

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One of the most obvious reasons why the Pixel Buds Pro were expected to eventually be released was because of active noise cancelation. All of Google's previous iterations did not include this feature, even with the Pixel Buds (2020) coming in with a steep price tag. That's all changed now, as the Pixel Buds Pro offer ANC and much more to take on the best wireless earbuds

During the announcement, Google revealed that there's actually a "custom 6-core audio chip" built into each of the earbuds. This has been tuned by Google's in-house audio team and is powered by various algorithms developed by Google. To help create the perfect seal, the Pixel Buds Pro use "Silent Seal," which is designed to make sure that as much outside noise is suppressed as possible. These earbuds even have a specific sensor designed to measure the amount of pressure so that your ears remain comfortable even when listening for long periods of time. 

Another feature making its return to the Pixel Buds Pro is Volume EQ, which automatically adjusts the volume levels based on what you're listening to. Google also confirmed that its pro-level earbuds will support spatial audio, likely arriving in a software update later this year.

CategoryGoogle Pixel Buds Pro
AudioCustom-designed 11mm dynamic speaker drivers, Active in-ear pressure relief
Active Noise Cancelation✔️
Volume EQ✔️
Voice (each earbud)Three microphones, Voice accelerometer, Wind-blocking mesh covers
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery11 hours without ANC, 7 hours with ANC, 31 hours with case without ANC
ChargingUSB-C, Wireless
Sensors (each earbud)Capacitive touch, IR proximity, Motion detecting accelerometer and gyroscope
Sweat and water resistanceIPX4
ColorsCharcoal, Fog, Coral, Lemongrass

One feature that we've been seeing in many of the best headphones is multipoint connection. This allows you to pair your headphones to multiple devices at the same time, and Google has included this with the Pixel Buds Pro. With a multipoint connection, you can pair your Pixel Buds Pro to your new Pixel 6a along with your favorite Chromebook at the same time. If you're listening to music on the Chromebook and a phone call comes in, the Pixel Buds Pro will automatically switch over to your phone, pausing the music until the call is completed before going back. 

As expected, hands-free Google Assistant is also on board, making it easy for you to ask Assistant to make a call if your hands are full. And of course, this also works with any of the other Assistant commands that you use on a regular basis.

In addition to the various sensors packed into the Pixel Buds Pro, the larger design also accommodates a sizable battery. Google claims these earbuds will last for up to seven hours on a single charge with ANC enabled, and you'll get a total of 20 hours when including the charging case. There are also quick charge capabilities available, as a five-minute charge will result in an additional hour of listening time. 

A much-needed upgrade 

Now that Google has finally answered the prayers of those hoping for high-end Pixel Buds, we'll have to wait and see how these actually perform. With the last two iterations there were things we loved, along with plenty of frustrations. Hopefully, Google has worked out all of the kinks and can deliver a product that gets as close as possible to the AirPods Pro for Android.

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