Google is giving away a free Titan Security Key to select Google One subscribers

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What you need to know

  • Google is giving away free Titan Security Keys to select Google One subscribers.
  • You must live in the U.S. and are subscribed to a Premium tier of Google One.
  • Eligible subscribers can choose either the USB-C or USB-A Security Keys.

In a world filled with hacks and password leaks, it's more important than ever to keep your accounts as secure as possible. There are some steps like you can take, such as using a password manager, but the best way to keep your account safe is to enable two-factor authentication where possible. And Google has introduced a new promotion for select Google One subscribers to help make things easier.

Late in 2021, Google introduced its latest Titan Security Key, which actually consists of two different versions. There's a USB-C model that plugs right into any USB-C port on your device and features a fingerprint scanner for authentication. The other relies on USB-A and also includes a fingerprint scanner, giving you a bit more flexibility with devices that don't have a USB-C port.

Earlier this week, Google quietly started a promotion where select Google One subscribers are able to get one of these keys for free. The only catch is that you'll need to be subscribed to one of the Google One Premium tiers, which starts with 2TB of storage and is priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. With this tier, you'll also be able to enjoy 10% on Google Store purchases, gain access to Google One VPN for Android or iOS, and have "Extra Member Benefits" such as this promotion.

If you're wondering whether you really need a hardware two-factor authentication key, it's definitely something that we recommend over other methods. Using something like the Titan Security Key may be the most inconvenient 2FA option, but it's definitely more secure than relying on SMS messages and even Google's push-based prompts.

Normally, the Titan Security Key with USB-C is priced at $35, while the USB-A version comes in at $30. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find these anywhere else if you aren't eligible for the promotion. But if you are looking for just another way to keep your Google account secure, head over to the Google One benefits page and follow the on-screen prompts to claim your Security Key now.

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