Best Google Pixel 5 wireless chargers 2024

Google's support for wireless charging has been sporadic, and the Pixel 3 was the first phone since the Nexus 5 to get wireless charging, albeit still limited to a paltry 5W charging rate. The Pixel 4 series got much faster wireless charging at 11W and Extended Power Profile, but its issues dissuaded many from buying it. Its successor, the Pixel 5, was in many ways the first Google phone in several years that qualified as a safe choice, offering a reliable camera without paralyzing users with experimental features. If you are a proud owner of one, we have a list of the best Pixel 5 wireless charger choices that you can use to keep your phone's battery juiced up. 

The best wireless charger options for Pixel 5

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Get the best Pixel 5 wireless charger for your comfort and ease

The Google Pixel 5 is an engineering marvel that does not conflict with the traits of an appealing design. Despite using aluminum to build the unibody shell, Google has specially carved out a cavity to place the coil that allows the phone to charge wirelessly and deliver power to accessories through reverse wireless charging

In our selection of the best Pixel 5 wireless charger options, we have listed various options hand-picked from our list of best wireless charging pads for different needs. The Moshi Sette Q is one of the most versatile and capable options, and it should help satisfy wireless charging requirements. 

Alternatively, wireless chargers with stands, such as the iOttie iON dual charger, Belkin BoostCharge, and the Mophie wireless charging stand are great for people who wish to keep the screen in use while charging their Pixel 5. The official Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) amplifies this ease by adding a fan to the charger to keep it cool. 

If mobility is your primary criterion, Anker's PowerCore III portable wireless charger lets you carry the power solution wherever you go. Besides charging your Pixel 5 wirelessly, the portable charger also comes in handy for charging devices that only support wired charging. All of the options listed above also support charging through a case, so while you are at it, you might also want to check out these Pixel 5 cases to keep your phone secure. 

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