The Sonos Move 2 arrives with day-long battery life and deeper, crisp audio

The Sonos Move 2 in Olive sitting in a garden.
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What you need to know

  • Sonos announces the Move 2 with a revamped acoustic architecture and sub-woofer for deep bass.
  • The Move 2 features a 24-hour battery that uses less energy when idle and contains a USB-C port for charging other devices.
  • The Sonos Move 2 will arrive globally on September 20 for $449.

The next iteration of Sonos' portable speaker has finally arrived with attributes to make it last all day. According to a press release, the Sonos has "completely overhauled" the Move 2's acoustic architecture, packing dual-tweeters for spacious audio and crisp vocals. The speaker holds its own sub-woofer inside, which is said to produce deep, dynamic bass even through all the noise of outside parties.

Automatic Trueplay tuning helps the device optimize and balance the sound it produces to its environment so it remains heard.

To make sure the party keeps going, the Sonos Move 2 has been equipped with a 24-hour battery life. An aspect that doubles the capabilities of the original Move. The device also features its own USB-C port, giving users a chance to charge their phones and other compatible devices with the speaker.

The device's removable and replaceable battery uses 40% less energy when idle.

The Sonos Move 2 in a white colorway sitting on a kitchen counter.

(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos has revamped the design of the Move 2, bringing about a more "intuitive user interface." The post adds that, much like with its latest Era speakers, the Move 2 includes a volume slider and the option of using Sonos Voice Control instead. Similarly, users can voice their commands to their Move 2 using Amazon Alexa or with a few taps on the Sonos app.

Since the Move 2 is ready to go where you go — thanks to its easy-to-grab rear handle — its durable design has received an IP56 rating. Sonos states the portable speaker can withstand drops, splashes, dirt, and some resistance to fading in the sun.

A black Sonos Move 2 being carried by its rear handle.

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Users listening in at home can connect a turntable, computer, or an alternate audio source to the Move 2 using its Sonos Line-In adapter. The speaker can connect using a user's home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with their phone, but both forms of connectivity can also be activated simultaneously, offering "increased flexibility" for the Move 2.

For example, users can play music from their phones via Bluetooth while lumping the Move 2 in with other Sonos systems using Wi-Fi to bump up the sound.

The Sonos Move 2 is available in black, white, and an Olive colorway. The company states the portable speaker will be available globally starting September 20 for $449.

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